As always, it’s all about Rust and you Bumfuzzlers! 🙂 We have some new changes to the server that I wanted to make you aware of them! So here we go!


Trump Tower Tickets

Now when you find Trump Tower or Hillary House, it will automatically give you access to kits! All you have to do is make sure to enter the zone enough to see the alert that you’ve officially found it and boom! You’ll have access to kits. This should be a much needed improvement that saves me administration and gets you Bumfuzzlers the kits right away without delay!

The message you get when being added to the permission group needs some work. I’m working on that.

Item Limits

Thanks to some salty individuals wasting my morning, I’ve limited certain items on the server to avoid the possibility of lag to the server and to players alike. The following items are now limited per player with the following counts.

  • Camp Fire: 25
  • Skull Fire Pit: 25
  • Ceiling Light: 25
  • Search Light: 25
  • Tuna Light: 25
  • Furnace: 25
  • Large Furnace: 25

Player Challenges

Due to popular demand, recently by DHJ Doge [GW] specifically, I’ve changed tag limit from 3 to 6. This doesn’t control how many categories you can lead in. It changes only how many titles show next to your name. If it becomes a mess I’ll change it back, but let’s see.

Don’t forget! Leading in various categories will earn you valuable kits! See /pc and /kit for more information.

No Server Wipe

ATTENTION: There is no wipe tomorrow! This month just so happened to have 5 Thursdays so if we’re wiping on 1st and 3rd Thursdays, there’s no wipe today. The next wipe will be on December 7th and we will be wiping blueprints as it’s the 1st Thursday of the month.

As always Bumfuzzlers, please have fun and enjoy the server, keep giving me feedback! It helps me improve the server.