Hey Bumfuzzlers! In contract to last week’s update – which I couldn’t have even been bothered to post about – this week’s update has a lot to talk about – specifically in the area of performance. At the same time, there are some nice updates to arrows, weather, and key locks which really help out people jumping on after a wipe.

Arrow Upgrades

We’ve got fire arrows! And bone arrows! It appears they’re both slower and more accurate, but fire arrows will give some splash damage within a radius. Developers say that the fire arrows are far from completed and they want to eventually have players light the arrows with a torch or camp fire. Nice idea!

Weather Updates

Apparently there were fiddling with the fog this update. I know a few of you Bumfuzzlers sometimes complained about the density of the fog. Well, now it appears fog won’t get all THAT thick and on the clearer days it will be far clearer. They’ve made it so fog and wind are varied every 18 hours.

Admire Updates

Now when you admire certain items you will get some nicer ganders. I love this feature, especially with the Skin Perks we run. Some of these skins are really awesome to look at. They’ve updated the admire animations for the Pickaxe, Bandage, Bota bag, Water bottle, Big cleaver, Crossbow, Hammer, Mace, Salvaged axe, Salvaged Icepick, Torch and Longsword!

View model Improvements

You can also see some improvements to the view models. They are said to look ‘snappier’ with new additions to smoke coming out of various areas. Most of the updates of course are related to the weapons.

Future Updates

It appears that two updates worth mentioning are coming in the near future. Updated Pine Trees and Underwear! Yes, you get to run through the woods in your undies as the realistic pine needs tickle your Bum-fuzzler 🙂 The detail on the trees are really really nice. I’m looking forward to it. Check out the pics below.

Below is a complete list of updates. As always I’ve highlighted the items I like most, but surely there are other important touches this time around. Enjoy!

Devblog 193 January 11 2018

  • NEW New first person deploy sounds for a handful of items
  • NEW Most items have third person deploy sounds now
  • NEW Added Bone Arrows
  • NEW Added Fire Arrows
  • FIXED Fixed washed out sky at clear weather conditions
  • FIXED Fixed missing sound refs on a few SoundPlayers
  • FIXED Fixed stars being barely visible at night
  • FIXED Fixed only 100 key combinations (nerfed key raiding)
  • FIXED Fixed Christmas light exploits
  • FIXED Fixed road grass decor not aligning to ground
  • FIXED Fixed odd junk pile placement
  • FIXED Fixed Hapis Sky Dome
  • FIXED Bone knife auto admiring on deploy
  • FIXED Beancan grenade auto admiring on deploy
  • UPDATED Fixed Harbor mine entrance (Hapis)
  • UPDATED Optimized elevator volumes (server perf)
  • UPDATED Fog and wind are now randomized every 18 hours
  • UPDATED Slightly darker sky at midnight
  • UPDATED EAC SDK update
  • UPDATED Optimized tool cupboard queries (client perf)
  • UPDATED Fog density no longer changes per biome
  • UPDATED Improved fog algorithm
  • UPDATED Pickaxe admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Bandage admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Bota bag admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Water bottle admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Big cleaver admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Crossbow admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Hammer admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Mace admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Salvaged axe admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Salvaged Icepick admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Torch admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Longsword admire animation updated
  • UPDATED Owner can always open key lock
  • UPDATED Added final art for tool crate (purple box)