Hey Bumfuzzlers! I hope the first wipe of 2020 was awesome! Luckily there’s a whole entire year to come! 🙂 It’s about that time to give you a heads up about some of the server changes that have been made and talk about changes for the upcoming wipes. Recycler output had a modification, trading had an awesome overhaul, there’s a brand new monument, subscription kit updates, oil rig treasure talk, Earl is still in repair and some SuperHeli adjustments. To top it off, we’re going to be doing our mid-month wipe today on Bumfuzzlertopia and making a friends update you’ll need to know about. Read on!



There’s a couple of updates I need to perform this wipe and it could get messy so I want to give you a heads up ahead of time.

There’s been an update to the friends plugin which I need to apply, but unfortunately, it’s so central to so many plugins it’s always a bit hairy. It interacts with clans, the ability for friends not to be killed in your beartraps/landmines or the auto authorization of turrets, cabinets and code locks. Friends even touch parts of the low-flying plane plugin and the way cars may interact.

Needless to say, the update can cause a couple of things to break so I’ll need some help from you Bumfuzzlers to let me know if something is screwy so I can get on fixing it.

I suspect the most important part of it may be the authorization for turrets, SAMs, doors and such so mind the command /autoauth as that plugin will be updated as well. Just in case, here are all the commands.

  • /autoauth <autofriends | af> – Enable/Disable automatic authorization for your friends
  • /autoauth <autofriends | af> <cupboard | c> – Sharing cupboard with your friends
  • /autoauth <autofriends | af> <turret | t> – Sharing turret with your friends
  • /autoauth <autofriends | af> <keylock | kl> – Sharing key lock with your friends
  • /autoauth <autofriends | af> <codelock | cl> – Sharing code lock with your friends
  • /autoauth <autoclan | ac> – Enable/Disable automatic authorization for your clan members
  • /autoauth <autoclan | ac> <cupboard | c> – Sharing cupboard with your clan members
  • /autoauth <autoclan | ac> <turret | t> – Sharing turret with your clan members
  • /autoauth <autoclan | ac> <keylock | kl> – Sharing key lock with your clan members
  • /autoauth <autoclan | ac> <codelock | cl> – Sharing code lock with your clan members
  • /autoauth <help | h> – View help

As I haven’t tested this new update fully yet, I’m unsure if you must set each one individually, but I’m guessing if you perform /autoauth af and /autoauth ac it will give authorization to your clan and your friends in full respectively. You may have had this set already for the previous version, but you may now have to do it again because I think the way the data is stored has changed so it will be reset.

**BE MINDFUL** this plugin makes adding friends extremely serious since they’ll have access to your doors, turrets, etc.

Recycler Slacking

It appears in some situations, the Recycler, both the default ones and the home recyclers (/rec) you unlock at level 18 (/loyalty) were giving less than expected.

It seems the reason was a recycler multiplier I had set. It worked well for individual items, giving more than stock Rust, but recycling stacks, it would give the default amount. So, I’ve disabled the recycler modifier for now and the Rust defaults will be used for individual items and stacks to avoid confusion.

Thanks Talzin for the feedback.

Democrat Headquarters

It was about time we had a new monument. However, this one is a little different than what you’re used to.

This time around, the monument is underwater and a little harder to find, but for the effort, you’ll get some valuable stuff. For a hint, I can tell you is that the monument is going to be found typically in the Southern Ocean and isn’t in the shallow water. Watch for automated messages from Earl for further hints.

I’ll be making some adjustments to the monument in the next wipe to make it a little easier to find. I’ll also work on making exploring it is even more fun!

Thanks Talzin for the feedback and for being the very first Bumfuzzler to find it!

Trading Style

Trading, in my opinion, has sucked for quite a while. Sure it’s nice to be able to trade without the likelihood of being killed, but the interface has always seemed so challenging to deal with.

Now it’s so easy and smooth to trade. Just right-click the item in your inventory and it automatically transfers over into the trade bucket for you. Then, all that needs doing is to click the accept button. You’ll even get some nifty sound effects when someone requests trade with you – and when it’s completed.

To initiate a trade type /trade playername and to entertain the trade, type /trade accept

Keep in mind when you type /trade playername, if you type the first few letters of the player’s name it’ll work just fine. You don’t have to type out the entire player’s name. Enjoy!

Special thanks to RiptheJacker33 for helping me test

Subscription Kits

I’m sorry, but for a while, I fell behind with handing out subscription kits.

Unfortunately, I had an issue with the website not notifying me when someone registered.

This should be resolved now, but if I missed giving you the subscriber kit, please let me know. You don’t want to miss out on the 3 supply signal kit!

Oil Rig Mishappery

I’ve heard a few people talking about the hackable crate despawning on the Oil Rigs before they could get there.

Just an FYI, but it appears, based on what I can see, this it’s a Rust issue.

Here’s a couple of threads for you on the topic:

Thanks Myerr for bringing it to my attention.

Superheli Adjustments

For a while, players have had issues calling the SuperHeli. Sometimes he just won’t come out to play.This is especially annoying when you buy the SuperHeli from the store (/s).

I’ve had my suspicions that this has been due to a Superheli limit. The SuperHeli has ben set to only allow one in the world at any given time. If a SuperHeli attempted to spawn while one already was on the map – or possibly as it was ‘still’ leaving or ‘just’ spawning – it would be despawned automatically to enforce this limit. The point of the limit was to avoid spamming helicopter calls.

Now, I’ve changed the limit from 1 to 3 so let’s see what happens going forward. If people are calling 3 at a time and it lags the server, I’ll lower it to 2 and potentially back down to 1 if I have to.

Earl Repairs

Our favorite bot is still under the weather, unfortunately, but he’ll be back in no time.

It’s taking some time to get him back up and running as it’s a lot of manual work, but I’m hoping once he’s ready to go, he’ll be much improved and more dynamic than ever.

Wipe Day

Today is the mid-month wipe for Bumfuzzlertopia so the map will wipe, but blueprints and economy will remain. As I mentioned earlier, it will come with updates to a few different server features like friends, the friends graphical interface, authorization, the low flying plane, cars, traps, etc. so please let me know if you find any issues.

Please have a blast out there and keep the feedback flowing Bumfuzzlers! I really appreciate you guys helping me find issues and also adjusting the server so it continues to improve.