Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got Super Bradley health adjustments, Weapon Trajectory meets C4, CCTV Camera improvements, Raidable Base expansion, Biden Bunker fixes, Loot Changes for tech tree, Super Skin Availability, Decay changes on Bumfuzzlernilla, upcoming wipes, and more! Read on!

CCTV Movement

Players on Bumfuzzlertopia have enjoyed the ability to move CCTV cameras, but I never enabled this on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Security Camera

Now on Bumfuzzlernilla, when you reach Level 14 (/loyalty) you’ll have the ability to move your CCTV cameras when activated.

What a great way to see what’s going on in those blind spots!

Thanks for the feedback LiveFire

Box Code Locks

On Bumfuzzlertopia, at Level 21 (/loyalty), you’ll automatically place code locks on doors, cupboards, and boxes.

Boxes in Warehouse

Thing is, many times, having code locks on boxes will cause you to lose your stuff during a raid. This is because raiders need to break the boxes.

Going forward, code locks will automatically be placed on doors and cupboards, but for boxes, it’ll be off by default.

This should only affect brand new players, but it can be turned on or off any time you’d like using the /codelock command. The full command is /codelock box or /codelock b to toggle it on or off. Typing /codelock will give you an explanation of how you have it set.

Thanks TheFireChef for the feedback.

Discord Poll

I created a poll on Discord having to do with resources on Bumfuzzlertopia.


I’ve been feeling recently that when you add everything up, Bumfuzzlertopia has a high gather rate that almost turns the server into a build server. Massive bases are easy to build and they never decay. So I thought I’d pick your brains to see what you all thought.

Here’s the poll:

On Bumfuzzlertopia gather rate is 3x gather, decay is 4x lower, zlevel 50 is 4-5x, turbo massive boosts, night gather major increase, super skin tools. Thinking of lowering things a bit. Thoughts? You can choose multiple answers

:regional_indicator_a: Increase decay from 4x to 2x

:regional_indicator_b: Disable turbo, will trigger after killing animals

:regional_indicator_c: Remove zlevels, server will be 3x gather for everyone

:regional_indicator_d: Make zlevels reset, increase leveling speed

:regional_indicator_e: None of the above, leave it as it is

Get over to Discord and vote in the poll. You can find it in the polls channel.

Super Bradley

On Bumfuzzlernilla, the Super Bradley was a little too super.


It turns out the health was set too high. Now it’s set to the default health.

The Super Bradley will still be super smoky though. Watch out for his napalm.

Thanks for the feedback Ostrander

Weapon Trajectory

At Level 21 (/loyalty) on Bumfuzzlertopia you get the ability to aim grenades and rockets with the trajectory sighting.

C4 Explosive Suit

Now weapon trajectory also supports Timed Explosives so when you arm yourselves with a grenade, C4, or a Rocket Launcher, you’ll see a graphical arch that tells you exactly where you can expect it to go when you throw or shoot it.

Now that’s precision!

GrTransport Error

A couple of you were getting an error when building on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Windows Blue Screen

I was able to track it down and now it shouldn’t happen anymore.

Thanks for the feedback and testing Achyliss

Raidable Bases

I’ve enabled raidable bases on Bumfuzzlertopia and made some improvements.

Rust Raid

Here are some of the changes:

  • I’ve added about 10-15 new bases
  • Done some loot balancing
  • Enabled Raidable Bases for Bumfuzzlertopia

This still needs a lot of work, but it will take some time. Right now there are only easy, medium, and high rated bases, but I’d like to add bases for two more levels. Unfortunately, that means a lot of loot balancing and designing of bases that are much bigger that will spawn properly in the world – not hovering in the air or sinking underground when pasted.

I’ll continue to work on this and appreciate your patience. I’ll do the best I can as I have time.

Biden Bunker Kit

There was an issue with the Biden Bunker kit on Bumfuzzlertopia being removed from players at wipe time.

Joe Biden Bunker

Now, at wipe, the kit will be properly removed from players so you’ll have to make the pilgrimage to enable it.

Thanks for the feedback Shloshed

Loot Changes

Due to the recent Tech Tree addition, there were changes to loot that needed doing.

Batman Car Schematic

On Bumfuzzlernilla and Bumfuzzlertopia, I’ve removed all of the blueprints from the loot. Now it’s just research and tech tree.

Super Skin Availability

Since I made loot changes about a month ago by switching to Facepunch loot defaults, attire has been somewhat scarce.

Player Skins

Apparently, Facepunch believes Rust players should craft clothes more often than not.

I’ve gone ahead and upped the weight of attire in barrels and boxes on Bumfuzzlernilla and Bumfuzzlertopia so that clothes spawn more often and therefore Super Skins spawn more often and hopefully you can get your hands on a Super Skin Combo or two!

Hopefully, this results in more special items being found.

Decay Settings

On Bumfuzzlertopia the decay is really low and it was set that way on Bumfuzzlernilla too.

Decayed Home

Unfortunately, having decay set 3x slower, is way too slow for a server meant to be more vanilla.

By default, Facepunch sets Rust’s decay to 1,440 which is how many minutes upkeep cost will last. For the quick math, that’s 24 hours.

I’m going to leave Bumfuzzlertopia’s decay set to 3 days for now (see the poll I mentioned above), but I’ve changed Bumfuzzlernilla’s decay to 1,800 minutes or 30 hours which is an increase of 25%. I’ll consider potentially raising it a little at a time until the right balance is found. I can see it being a little higher.

Thanks to HazardousBlizzard and LiveFire for the feedback


The next wipe for Bumfuzzlernilla is this Saturday, but Bumfuzzlertopia wipes today.


Today Facepunch is dropping the Christmas patch. Bumfuzzlertopia will wipe today, but Bumfuzzlernilla will just have minor downtime.

Thanks as always to all you Bumfuzzlers who make the servers what they are. The feedback is always appreciated as are you!

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