Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some news for you on the upcoming forced wipe tomorrow! We have adjustments to night and day selection, night bonus gather rates, Southern Border bot nerfs, server restart schedule changes, team UI and clan integration, new diving levels and alerts, minicopter perk fixes, research protection, preparation for vehicles, Discord improvements, and the wipe! Read on Bumfuzzler brothers and sistahs!

Night and Day

For a while now we’ve had the ability to buy night and day via the in-game store (/s).

Torch light

Thing is, it’s caused a few issues:

  1. Voting for the day/night can sometimes cause players to waste their money due to voting overriding it
  2. Buying night or day can go against what the majority of what the server wants
  3. Players have left the server due to players voting night repeatedly
  4. Resource gather rate is significantly higher more frequently than it should be

Because of this, buying night and day from the in-game store (/s) will no longer be possible. For now, the vote will determine night or day and the entire server will get their say in the matter.

I personally would love to implement a system within the voting to impose max nights and max days. For instance, if night is the outcome 3 times in a row, the fourth time it must be day and vice versa. This way the complete cycle is more well rounded.

The Southern Border

I’ve seen a few times when the border got players all bent out of shape.

Southern Border

So I’ve nerfed the illegals just a little.

Here’s what I changed:

  • lowered health by 25%
  • lowered accuracy by 10%
  • lowered damage dealt by 10%
  • lowered chance of dropping weapons from 50% to 10%
  • lowered range of aggravation by 10%
  • lowered de-aggravation range by 10%

This should make the Southern Border a little easier, but hopefully not any less fun.

Server Restarts

The server already restarts at 4 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Messy Server Room

Now it will also restart at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time.

There’s been a couple of times it was needed in the middle of the day so hopefully, this keeps the servers running smooth.

After restarts, the server is typically available within 5 minutes. Thirty minutes prior to restarts, you’ll be notified it’s coming. After that, alerts will show in intervals of 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds, etc.

Team UI

Integration existed between clans and the Rust’s Team UI, but it had some issues.

Monkey Clan

After a wipe you’d be in the clan, but not the team anymore which caused some confusion and sometimes resulted in accidentally leaving your clan.

For now, I removed the integration and I’ll see about adding it back when I can automatically add players to a team if they are in the same clan.

Thanks Chaos for the feedback.

Diving Awareness

It’s always been a bit of a pain to know how much oxygen you have left in the tank when you dive.

Scuba Diving

Now you can have your own oxygen tank level bar and even receive alerts when you’re running low!

Here are the commands you can use to turn on the various features.

  • /diving on|off – turns on the features
  • /diving add alert <number> – allows you to set a short alert based on oxygen levels
  • /diving add alert <number>* – allows you to set a continuous alert based on oxygen levels
  • /diving remove alert <number> – allows you to remove the alert
  • /diving show alerts – allows you to show the alerts set
  • /diving view bar|value|all – allows you to turn on the oxygen bar and/or value

Keep in mind there are default alerts so you don’t have to set them, but if you’d like to, you can.

Look, Mom! No more drowning! I’m not sure why Facepunch never added this to the UI.

Loyalty Purchases

I’m currently researching an issue a couple of people had when purchasing Prestige (/loyalty) in the store.


You’ll receive the points, but your level won’t go up automatically.

This doesn’t happen to everyone, but at least a couple of people experienced it. I’m looking into the cause and expect a fix soon.

When you purchase loyalty points (/loyalty) please check your points and level right away and if there’s an issue, let me know. I’ll fix the issue immediately and get you all those new Prestige unlocks.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.

Run over to the store and check out how you can support the server.

Research Protection

We’ve all probably done it. We wasted scrap researching a blueprint we didn’t realize we already had.

Research Protection

Now, when you try to research something, it will let you know that you already researched it so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned scrap.

Calling the Mini

Recently, we added a new package to the store called Frequent Flier.


This package gives you the following perks:

  • Spawn your own minicopter (/mymini)
  • Call your minicopter to your location (/fmini)
  • Ability to destroy your minicopter (/nomini)
  • Unlimited minicopter fuel
  • Minicopter does not decay

Unfortunately, when using the /fmini to call your minicopter to you, it would incur damage or sometimes get destroyed.

This should now be fixed.

There is potentially also an issue regarding the unlimited fuel, but I believe that’s fixed also and I’m just waiting to hear back after some testing. Apparently, minicopters would act as they ran out of fuel, drop to the ground, and refuse to fly again. Let me know if you find this situation happening to you.

Thanks Shloshed for the feedback about the issue and compliments.

“I love the frequent flyer so much lol” – Shloshed

You can pick up the Frequent Flier Package over at the store.

Night Bonus

As you know I’ve been tweaking gathering slowly and carefully over the last couple of months.

Dark Night

It’s a painful process that takes time.

This wipe I’ve ever so slightly turned down the night bonus. I don’t think it will be noticed, but of course, provide me feedback if you find that it is.

Vehicles Coming

Now, with the vehicles coming to this wipe, it’s going to be a massive change to the game.


Specifically, at the vending machines within the safe zones.

Bumfuzzlertopia has had customized vending machines for a while now, but for this next wipe, I’m going to have to reset them to defaults and adjust them over the next couple wipes.  This will likely make it extremely easy for players to get certain items for low costs, but everyone will have the same advantage so it won’t be that big of a deal.

I don’t want any of the new items to be difficult to get as there are lots of items only sold in these areas such as engine parts, etc.

Discord Updates

It’s about time I did a little something with Discord.


So yeah. It’s about time. Here’s what I did:

  • I broke up all the channels into categories
  • Added icons for all the channels
  • added #rules, #loyalty-roles, #clans-lfg, #steaming, #bloods
    • #rules: shows rules for Discord
    • #loyalty-roles: allows members to set their loyalty level (only two right now)
    • #clans-lfg: for anyone looking for a group to play with or looking for clan members
    • #streaming: maybe I’ll do a little streaming, we’ll see.
    • #bloods: a Prestigious group only for players who’ve reached Blood level (/loyalty)

I’ll do my best to continue to expand all this, but for now, it’s a long-overdue start.

Join Discord and check out the changes!

Wipe Comes

This wipe should be a pretty big deal. The entire vehicle system is launching.


The question is, will the server start? haha big updates always worry us Rust server admins – especially when you run a lot of plugins. We’ll see. Might get lucky 🙂 Thanks to Facepunch either way.

The wipe will happen based around the time Facepunch releases the patch. This is typically between 3 pm and 7 pm EST, but typically closer to 3 pm EST. I’ll post in Discord to keep everyone updated on the progress. As always, first wipe of the month will wipe blueprints, map, and economies. Fresh start!