Hey Bumfuzzlers, Have I got some goodies and updates for ya’all! Ever worry that you signed off without closing your doors? Ever want to build a drawbridge between one of more areas of your base?

Offline Doors

Everyone know it’s an absolute Bumfuzzler to leave the server and find that you’re raided the next because you were a Bumfuzzler and left your Bumfuzzlering doors open! Well, now, if you’re Allegiance or VIP level (2,880 loyalty points and up – type /loyalty to check) you’ll have the ability to use the /ofd command on Bumfuzzler Modtopia. When set to the on position, signing off will automatically close all your doors! Ahh piece of mind!


Holy Bumfuzzler! Draw bridges! Been waiting for this for a long time haven’t ya? Just the thing to top off your castle!

Here are some commands you can use to build and work with draw bridges.

/bridge.use – this will toggle any bridge within use range that is not locked down and is owned by you.
/bridge.build – while looking at a foundation or floor, it will place a new bridge on it.
/bridge.rotate – while standing on a bridge base block, it will turn the bridge 90 degrees each use. you can only rotate your own bridges.
/bridge.lock – while standing on a bridge base block, it will lock ONLY that bridge from moving. Toggling this again will unlock that bridge.
/bridge.count – this will give you your current bridge count.
/bridge.destroy – this will allow player to destroy there own bridge while standing on the bridge base block.
/bridge.setplate – this will add/remove pressure plate (landmine) on the bridge base block. When stepped on, it will toggle the drawbridge.

The average Bumfuzzler will have the ability to create 2 draw bridges while VIP Bumfuzzlers can create 10. I want to see lots of Bumfuzzler castles! 🙂


It’s nice to have a change of pace sometimes and go old school without losing all the goodies! For that, I’ve created a new server called Bumfuzzler Vanillatopia! The goal of this server will be to capture much of the vanilla, explorer, survivor feel to Rust, but still have some of the plugins that extend the game.

So how is it setup?

  • Completely vanilla resources gathering
  • Crafting takes time, no instacraft
  • Loot tables are default so there’s no multiples of items
  • Mining Quarries spawn in the world
  • No mini-map, no toolbar, however live map exists
  • Blueprints are unlocked completely
  • Can ride horses, drive cars, float rafts, oar viking boats, drawbridges, more
  • AutoCodeLock, Absolute Sorter, Friends, Clans, more
  • 30+ plugins make life easier, exciting, don’t violate vanilla feel
  • 1 month wipe cycle, on every 1st Thursday of the month

The server is up right now, but the official launch is March 1st. You can find the server by searching for Bumfuzzler or the following ip address: Check it out! Provide feedback! It’s not as polished as Modtopia yet, but with your help it will get there. Thanks to Ray for helping with testing and feedback!

Modtopia Issues

There are a few issues that are plaguing Modtopia and others servers in a seemingly random way. Plugins like SkinPerks, SkinBox and others where skins are concerned, are having issues. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I assure you I’m working on it. Many admins believe it’s related to the workshop and changes in the last patch, but Vanillatopia has no issues with these plugins and I can’t explain it. It may have to do with my host, but I’m unsure. Come wipe day which is next Thursday, I may reinstall the server completely to see if that solves the issue. It appeared to start around the last wipe. I’m sorry if this issues have impacted your game play. We’ll get them resolved soon.

Well, Bumfuzzlers! It’s good times 🙂 Please have fun and enjoy yourselves!