Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got news on gathering, stacking, raidable bases, death notes, Bumfuzzlernilla performance, weapon evolution, and upcoming wipes! Read on to get the latest info!

Weapon Evolution

There was an issue where weapons at the top tier would continue to evolve – but backward!


Sorry, it took a while to fix this one, but this should be resolved now.

At this point, when you get to the highest tier, it should stop evolving and allow you to enjoy the wonderful shock and awe of a fully evolved weapon.


Thanks to Shloshed and others for reporting it.

Gathering Changes

On both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla, there were a couple of gather issues.



Some items gathering too much. Some items gathering too little.

So, I made the following changes:

  • Potatoes gather at 3 x
  • Berries gather at 3 x
  • Wolf Skulls gather at 1 x
  • Human Skulls gather at 1 x

This should ensure items gather at the right rate and people aren’t killing players and wolves with three heads.

Thanks Kitty for the feedback.

Stacks n’ Stacks

Now with Bumfuzzernilla at 3 x gather, it’s limiting to have stacking set so low.

Brick Wall

I’ve upped resource stacking from 2,500 to 5,000.

This way you’re not running out of inventory space so quickly.

Thanks Kitty for the feedback.

Raidable Bases

I’ve still yet to add Raidable Bases to Bumfuzzlertopia, but with it settling down on Bumfuzzlernilla it may be coming soon.

Raid Sympathy

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to balance it and it’s coming along nicely.

Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • I’ve moved bases around between easy, medium, and hard. There were a few bases that were in the easy tier that shouldn’t have been. This caused loot for more difficult bases to be poorer than expected. For instance, now there are no easy bases using sheet metal or high-quality metal.
  • I’ve increased the loot a little bit. The medium bases should have 2 times the loot as easy and Hard should have 3 times the loot
  • I’ve added Hard bases to the mix. Now you should see 60% easy, 30% medium, and 10% hard. IMO, hard is not extremely hard, but that’s ok. I still have two levels above to add later. Yes, I can add nightmare bases lol
  • I’ve reduced the range of loot. For instance, if you raid a hard base, you will find anywhere between 250,000 and 50,000 metal ore.  This means you’ll get anywhere between 250,00 and 20% or 250,00. While I like the ranges being wide since not all raids should be awesome, some items were set at a 5% or 10% of their totals and that’s just too wide a range. Now all resources are 20% or higher.
  • I’ve removed lots of common loot from medium base loot and even more from the hard base loot. This should increase the loot quality.
  • I’ve added more boxes to some bases that were showing a low overall count of loot items due to not having anywhere to put it. There’s a better chance of loot now.
  • Some furnaces may now have loot in them, but most probably won’t.
  • Bases now spawn every 10 minutes instead of 1 hour, but I anticipate I’ll raise that to at least 30 minutes.

This is fairly challenging to balance so it will take time and I’m trying not to overshoot what’s reasonable. One thing to note is that not all raidable bases will have amazing loot. I made it that way on purpose. Raiding comes with a bit of chance. Not all player bases will have loot and sometimes players might even build bases that have nothing in them. This is the risk you take when raiding bases. At the same time, I’m sure the vast majority of the bases will give you something useful.

Once I get it sorted on Bumfuzzlernilla, I’ll likely enable it on Bumfuzzlertopia as well.

Thanks Kitty for your feedback.

DeathNotes Nilla

I put up a poll on Discord to ask about nixing Deathnotes, and we have a decision at a rate of 3 to 1.

Rust Player Obituary

It looks like players want that vanilla feel and don’t want notices to let others know their kills were made.

So without further a due, DeathNotes have been disabled on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Thanks to everyone who voted.

Bumfuzzlernilla Performance

If you’ve been playing on Bumfuzzernilla recently, you’ve unfortunately realized we’ve had some issues.

Vanilla Ice Cream

The server has had an issue where it automatically restarted 2-3 times per day at unexpected times.

After lots of troubleshooting, the host replaced equipment, but the issue continued. Then I disabled all plugins for a day or two, the issue continued. Last night, the host isolated the server on a dedicated box to determine the cause and so far today, crossing fingers, it’s been without issue.

I’ve gone ahead and enabled all plugins again to really give it a good testing.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.

Thanks specifically to Kitty, Nitro, and Unadornedzero for giving me a heads up about server status so I could better pinpoint where the issues were.



Bumfuzzlertopia is coming up on the mid-month wipe and Bumfuzzlernilla wipes on Saturday.

Rust Wipe

Bumfuzzlertopia will wipe on Today 11/19 around 3 or 4 pm EST. Bumfuzzlernilla will wipe on Saturday 11/21 around 7 or 8 am EST.

For each server, it will only be a map wipe so everything else will stay in place.

Get your rocks ready!

A full wipe for either server won’t be until Thursday December 3rd when Facepunch releases their latest Rust patch.

Thanks again to all you Bumfuzzlers for your feedback and support. Please continue to have fun out there!

Here is some of the news for what’s going on in the world of Rust.