Hey Bumfuzzlers! I’ve got some awesome updates for you just in time for the wipe today! More skins with Skinbox, going stealth with silencers, loot additions, safe zone teleports, Warp Master improvements, whistling for your horse, Gallop Package improvements, Outpost and Bandit Camp vending reworks, less fly hacks and today’s wipe!

Faithful Whistle

Ain’t it a shame when you lose track of your horse Betsy? Thoughts of her shivering in the snow biome while you sleep next to the fireplace keeping you up at night?

Player Riding Horse

Well, I’ve added a new perk to the Gallop Package for all the horse *ahem* Betsy lovers out there so you don’t have to worry anymore!

Now you have the ability to name your horse and whistle for it to come to you anywhere you all your inventory intact.

  • Look at your horse, type /whistle set <name> to name your horse
  • Wherever you are, type /whistle <name> and the horse will come to you
  • Once named, others can steal your horse from you, but she’ll always come to your whistle

Here are the total benefits you’ll get with the Gallop Package:

  • 1 High-Quality Horse Shoes
  • 2 Saddlebags
  • 1 Roadsign Horse Armor
  • 1 Hitch & Trough
  • 25 corn
  • Spawn your own horse (/horse)
  • Horse automatically stops when you jump off
  • Name your horse (/whistle set <name>)
  • Call your horse from anywhere (/whistle <name>)
  • Get a list of your horses (/myhorses)

Get yourself over to the store and get yourself a Betsy today!


Skinbox is awesome, but you only get one page of skins to choose from.


Now you’ll have arrows on the right that will give you up to 5 pages so you can truly decorate!

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you’ll always have 5 pages of skins. It will depend on the item you’re skinning. If skins exist enough to fill 5 pages, you’ll get up to 5 pages.

Thanks Chaos for the feedback.

Car Key Issues

After the patch, there were some issues with car keys and door keys.


Turns out it was a conflict with Instant Craft. After excluding the keys from being processed by the plugin the issue was resolved and keys now generate with the proper ID and seem to work.

Let me know if you have any issues though.

Thanks to kungfoozball for the feedback.

Death Silencers

Several of you have noted that Death Notes, the messages shown when you kill players, NPCs or animals, give away your position.


I’ve updated Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla with another exclusive feature! Simply equip a silencer to your weapon and it will automatically suppress Death Notes and put you into stealth mode!

Taking oil rig, the Southern Border or just your average boar has never been quieter! No one has to know your position again! Yes, it can be used to dispatch your neighbors without anyone knowing too 🙂

Loot Changes

With this last patch, there are a few items that needed to be added to the loot.

Overpacked Motorcycle

Now you’ll find the following items out there in a more organized way in barrels, boxes, etc.

  • carburetors (level 1-3)
  • crankshafts (level 1-3)
  • pistons (level 1-3)
  • spark plugs (level 1-3)
  • valves (level 1-3)
  • modular car lift
  • triangle ladder hatches
  • triangle floor grills

Hopefully, this makes these items more available and make cars more relevant.

Safe Zone Teleport

Sometimes you want to get away, take a vacation from your dreary base and see your friends in the safe zones.

Rust Outpost

Now you can! Starting at Level 19 (/loyalty) you can teleport directly to the Outpost and the Bandit Camp.

  • Teleport to the Outpost (/otp)
  • Teleport to the Bandit Camp (/btp)

Bring your scrap and crops with you! The Outpost and Bandit Camp safe zones have lots to buy and trade for now!

Thanks to Willow for the suggestion.

Warping Master

As if Warp Master wasn’t a great package already, I’ve added the safe zone teleports.


Now you’ll get all of these features with the Warp Master package.

  • Set up to 8 (+5) homes locations!
  • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
  • Wait only 3 seconds for the teleport countdown!
  • Use ‘/tpb’ to teleport back to your previous location immediately!

Plus the two features you’d normally get at Level 19 (/loyalty) – just in case you aren’t there yet:

  • Use ‘/otp’ to teleport to the Outpost
  • Use ‘/btp’ to teleport to the Bandit Camp

Now that’s teleportation 🙂

You can grab the Warp Master package in the store! Great way to support the server.

Banning Policies

I don’t like to ban anyone if I don’t have to. I want everyone to enjoy the servers. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of running a server and I’m realizing it’s more necessary than I’ve made it in the past.


I am going to be taking the safety off my ban hammer going forward because I just don’t have time for silliness. I’m tired of having my efforts and the efforts of others in the community negated. Players who are super-trolls, new member bullies, giant ego big player on-campus types, over the top complainers or people who get off on being controlling and toxic may need to find another place to play. It’s simply unfair to allow anyone to ruin the good time of others.

Now, please consider, I am a huge fan of allowing Rust to play out. I don’t like to get involved because I don’t want to affect the outcome. I’ve always felt disputes in the Rust world should be settled player to player and that my job isn’t to be a referee. I’m only here to facilitate the opportunity for you to have a great time. The struggle of the world itself will see things through. At the same time, there are some players who, through constant over-the-top agitation, pushing, falseness, and douchebaggery, really make it difficult to overcome.

Here’s a general idea of how I typically go about bans:

  1. You will be warned once.
  2. You will be banned for 30 days.
  3. You will be banned for 90 days.
  4. You will receive a permanent

I won’t guarantee I will follow this order in all cases. It will depend on the severity of the situation.

Couple things about these steps:

  • If you respond to my warnings or bans by telling me to go f*** myself or threatening the server, I’ll go right to a permanent ban.
  • I am “always” open to responsible and mature discussion and I will rescind my bans if I’m offered an explanation I can agree with.
  • If you’re banned for 30 days and you have a second offense – even if something different – you’ll be banned to the next level.
  • Permanent bans also mean a permanent ban from the Discord. If someone is banned for 30 days, they can still access Discord so they can contact me.

Again, here are the rules. They’re fairly simple and reasonable.

  1. No groups larger than 3 acting together (type !trio)
  2. Don’t do obvious wrong – hacking, exploiting, etc.
  3. Don’t be jerkish – harassing, bullying, stalking, etc.
  4. Don’t be abusive – cursing, racist, sexual, etc.
  5. Don’t solicit players to leave, drive away players, etc.
  6. Don’t impersonate an admin. There’s one admin, that’s Bumfuzzler.
  7. ** NEW ** Don’t impersonate other players by changing names. ** NEW **
  8. Don’t trash server or admins, feedback is appreciated.
  9. Don’t make repeated hackusations without proof.
  10. Don’t repeatedly suggest admin abuse without proof.
  11. Don’t assist others in breaking these rules.
  12. Not reporting others for breaking rules may result in your ban.

You can access these anytime by typing !rules in-game.

The vast majority of the players on the servers are great people. I really love the community we have here. I intend to keep it that way.

Group Limits

One of the rules mentioned above is “No groups larger than 3 acting together (type !trio)”

Monkey Clan

There’s a reason for this. Many players are solo players who have a hard enough time combating teams of 3. Once you get into 4 or 5 players it’s just not possible to compete.

Please follow the rules. Otherwise, we’re going to have issues.


SuperHeli Tweaks

I didn’t make massive changes, but they could be noticeable so mentioning them here.


I slightly adjusted the following:

  • Speed was adjusted up
  • Bullet accuracy was adjusted up
  • Bullet damage was adjusted up
  • Bullet speed was adjusted up
  • Time between bullet bursts was adjusted down
  • Bullet burst length was adjusted won

Again, I doubt you’ll notice it as the adjustments are very small.

Safe Zone Vending

With the recent addition of Vehicles, the vending machines at the Outpost and Bandit Camp had to be revisited.

Smokey and the Bandit

I decided to revamp them completely. Balancing will happen over a long period of time as there are bound to be overlap, pricing issues, etc.

Here’s what I was trying to achieve:

  1. Make sure base builders have access to defenses – ex: Armored doors, shotgun traps, etc.
  2. Sell test generators – sold at Outpost and Bandit Camp
  3. Sell fuses and key cards for puzzle players
  4. Sell farming items and allow for trading crops for scrap
  5. Sell scrap for quest-related items for players finishing achieving quests (/q)
  6. Allow trading of resources – ex: wood for stone, scrap for bone fragments
  7. Sell various weapons to promote PVP and the 2nd amendment!

Please let me know if you feel anything is imbalanced. As always it’s a work in progress.

Thanks to Shloshed and Autobot161 for the feedback.

Copter Fly Hacks

It can be extremely annoying when you jump off a mini and you get kicked.


Now when you jump off, you’ll have a 5-second grace period before the fly hack detection kicks you.

This needs testing so let me know if you still get kicked for fly hacks on minicopters.

Wipe Day

It’s that time again folks. A fresh start in a whole new world. From this day your life is what you make it!

Bathroom Stalls

Based on my schedule today I expect the wipe will happen between 2 pm and 4 pm EST.

This wipe will keep blueprints and economy, but wipe the map.

As always Bumfuzzlers, thanks for all the great feedback. I know there are a couple of minor issues left over from the patch. Hopefully, they aren’t a major inconvenience as I work towards ironing them out. In any case, please continue throwing feedback my way. That goes especially for the safe zones now that vending machines have been redesigned. Remember, features like the silencers quieting Death Notes was due to player feedback!

Here’s some updates on the latest Rust Summer DLC update from Facepunch. I noticed some of you were having quite the time with diving into pools 🙂