Hey Bumfuzzlers! As always we have the latest news on changes to the servers. There’s gold coin and barrel economy news, loot adjustments, multi-boom C4 info, Prestige and Loyalty enhancements, SuperHeli nerfs, Compound and Bandit Camp price changes, a discussion about griefing, remover tool changes and an upcoming wipe! Read on for all the info!


Bumfuzzler Gold

There were a couple of economic features not working recently.

Now they should be fixed:

  • Gold coin treasure will now give you $30 as expected
  • When you reach Native (Level 5, /loyalty) you’ll get cash breaking barrels as expected. As you level up, you’ll get more money btw.

Now you don’t have to actually get a job! 🙂

Loot Goodies

As is typical, balancing loot is something that must be done.

Here’s what changed:

  • Slightly reduced amount of F1 Grenades in the following places:
    • SuperHeli loot
    • Bradley loot
    • Regular loot
    • Supply Drop loot

There were way too many of these out there.

MultiBoom C4

When you reach Sanctioned (Level 9, /loyalty) you unlock the ability to trigger multiple C4 at once.

This is one of those special approaches to an online raid. You can toss a bunch of C4, postpone their detonation and then BOOM! explode them all at once.

Thing is, it wasn’t working. Now it is.

To get more information about how to use this feature, type !tec in-game and Earl will help you out.

Prestige & Loyalty

Loyalty (/loyalty) is such a unique aspect of Bumfuzzlertopia that it deserves some care now and then.

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to take loyalty to the next level and that means two things:

  • A player’s loyalty (/loyalty) is more visible to them and to others
  • There are more interesting level names instead of just Level 12 or Level 28.

So I’ve made a couple of changes:

I’ve given each Loyalty level a name. This way, they’re a little more interesting than just Level 2 or Level 29. After all, you work at earning these levels so I should work at making them interesting.

Here’s the list of levels:

  • Level 0 – Newborn
  • Level 1 – Inhabitant
  • Level 2 – Dweller
  • Level 3 – Settler
  • Level 4 – Denizen
  • Level 5 – Native
  • Level 6 – Resident
  • Level 7 – Seasoned
  • Level 8 – Recognized
  • Level 9 – Sanctioned
  • Level 10 – Legitimate
  • Level 11 – National
  • Level 12 – Citizen
  • Level 13 – Freeman
  • Level 14 – Warhorse
  • Level 15 – Veteran
  • Level 16 – Devoted
  • Level 17 – Faithful
  • Level 18 – Fidelity
  • Level 19 – Promised
  • Level 20 – Allegiance
  • Level 21 – Loyalist
  • Level 22 – Landsman
  • Level 23 – Patriot
  • Level 24 – Personage
  • Level 25 – VIP
  • Level 26 – Superstar
  • Level 27 – Iconic
  • Level 28 – Exemplar
  • Level 29 – Kindred
  • Level 30 – Blood

Secondly, in chat when you type,  you’ll automatically have a tag at the start of your name that shows your level. For instance, you’ll see something like [Level 5] to show your loyalty level. This will allow you to show your level with pride as you interact with other players.

The words hopefully show a progression of Bumfuzzlers on Bumfuzzlertopia from Birth (Level 0) to Blood (Level 30), Dweller (Level 2) to becoming a Recognized (Level 8) player, a Warhorse (Level 14), Loyalist (Level 21) and then finally an Exemplar (Level 28) for everyone else on the server.

I’ve also updated the plugin list on the website to reflect these changes.

SuperHeli Blues

Yup, it should be a song. I did some tweaking on the SuperHeli based on your feedback.

I adjusted the rocket damage down by about 20-25%. I’ll be doing more testing and looking for feedback.

Thanks for the feedback CannonFodder and Ostrander.

Compound Pricing

It’s been a while since I reviewed the pricing at the Compound and Bandit Camp. No time like the present!

There were a couple of items that were likely too accessible so I upped the prices just a little bit.

  • Large Furnace raised from 400 to 500 scrap
  • Grenade Launcher raised from 800 to 1,000 scrap
  • LR-3000 raised from 1,000 to 2,000 scrap
  • L96 raised from 1,000 to 2,000 scrap

I typically don’t care if people get weapons since PVP is encouraged, but maybe these weapons, because they’re so desirable, should be a little harder to get. Tell me what you think.

Thanks for the feedback Myerr.

Griefing Bases

Someone recently brought this up to me because a friend of theirs, who was a new player, had their base griefed. As we know, that’s against the rules currently, but this triggered me into thought as to what griefing really is and whether it should be ok.

As I looked around, there seem to be many different definitions of what griefing is and I’ll admit I had my own that I believed others shared. That doesn’t seem to be the case and now I’m in search of 1) what we can all agree griefing is so that we can have an understanding and ensure balance or 2) making griefing ok within the rules.

I created a poll in discord asking the following question:

What do you consider griefing?

:regional_indicator_a: A raided base, TC destroyed, left to decay

:regional_indicator_b: A raided base, TC destroyed, recreated, raider uses as their own

:regional_indicator_c: A raided base, TC destroyed, recreated and hidden to prevent the use

:regional_indicator_d: A raided base, TC destroyed, walls built, and doors replaced to prevent the use

:regional_indicator_e: Preventing griefing is stupid, it’s part of the game

:regional_indicator_f: None of the above

I’d like to see more results before making a decision so please vote in Discord 

The results are pretty close so I’m going to leave it up for another wipe. I admit I tend to believe griefing is part of the game, but it really pisses people off and many times they stop playing when someone griefs them hard. That result isn’t good for anyone. At the same time, stopping griefing seems to be against the nature of the game.

Thanks to Myerr, Mugs and anyone who voted in the poll for your feedback.


I’ve finally got back around to reviewing the remover tool (/remove) thanks to the griefing topic.

I’ve made the following changes:

  • In addition to being the entity owner, you’ll also require tool cupboard access
    • This will ensure players can’t retake their over-taken bases so easily. Thanks for the feedback Myerr
  • Costs to remove building parts were raised to what they cost to make.
  • Refunds for building parts are at 50% of the cost so once you pay, you’ll get a discount.

Hopefully, this makes the remover tool a bit more balanced.

Wipe Cometh

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 5th, both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla will be wiping.

Maps, Blueprints, and Economics (where applicable) will wipe. You can expect a patch from Facepunch (which I hope is not a mess like last patch). This means I’m at their mercy for when I wipe. Typically the patch is released between 3 and 7pm EST. I’ll update Discord to let you know when it’s happening.

Here’s some info on what’s coming in the next patch/wipe.

As always enjoy yourselves out there Bumfuzzlers! Keep the feedback flowing. This here is a constantly evolving environment so your feedback is very important.