Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got updates to the frequent flier package, zombie modifications, special perks for noobs, today’s wipe, and more! Read on!

Flier Package

A short while ago, we got a new minicopter package and it’s been a big hit. Now it just got better.


Here’s what has been changed:

  • The /fmini command, used to summon your minicopter used to be limited to 300 meters. Now you can summon your minicopter to your location wherever you are.
  • I’ve added the /nomini command which will allow you to destroy your minicopter.

Check out the minicopter package over at the store and support the server at the same time! The new store has been working great as it gives players what they buy immediately! Nothing like instant gratification!

Thanks to Chaos and others for the feedback.

Rhib Fuel

At level 27 (/loyalty) you get the perk of not requiring fuel for boats.

Row Boat

Unfortunately, the Rhib still requires fuel. I’m working on this, but it may take some time.

Thanks Chaos and others for the feedback.


I’m still tweaking zombies here and there.


I made the following changes:

  • I lowered the health of zombies
  • I lessened vision making them easier to run from
  • Lowered the time it takes for them to stop following you

I’m adjusting this down to eventually adjust them up again in various ways. The zombies never really got balanced properly after updates to them a month or so ago. It takes time.

Noob Love

I’ve been toying with adding perks for players who are new to the server.


I’ve made the following changes:

  • Adjusted first loyalty level to 2 points (/loyalty) to ensure new players see what they receive.
  • I extended zombie protection for new players until level 5 (/loyalty) This was level 4.
  • I extended SuperHeli protection for new players until level 5 (/loyalty) This was level 4.
  • New players will now receive a 50% reduction in damage until level 5 (/loyalty)
  • New players will now receive a 50% reduction in radiation until level 5 (/loyalty)
  • New players will now receive a 50% boost in food, water, and medicine usage until level 5 (/loyalty)
    • Example: When a new player uses a syringe it will give them 50% more health

The goal is to give newer players the time to get used to the server by giving them a slight advantage for the first 30 minutes of gameplay.

  1. When new players leverage the protection against damage, radiation, or the boosts in food, water, and medicine, they will receive a message letting them know about their adjustment.
  2. If another player damages that player, the damaging player will get a message letting them know that player is protected so they can make a decision as to whether to engage that player or not.

Hopefully, we’re all being nice to fresh players anyway, but if you’re not, they just might kick your Bumfuzzler lol

Guessing Words

The word guessing game I believe was based on the British English dictionary.


Well, that sometimes made it difficult to guess the words for ‘Mericans so I changed it to American English.

I hope it’s easier! I can never guess the words.

Map Signs

Some of you probably take pictures of the map and then place it on a sign using sign artist (/sil) to mark it up.

Globe Map

Now starting at Level 11 (/loyalty) you don’t have to go through all that trouble.

You can use the /sm command to generate a 1 x 1, 2 x 2 or even 3 x 3 map sign automatically and get results like this:

Map Sign 3x3

Check out the Map Signs page to get complete information on how to use it.


Today is wipe day for Bumfuzzlertopia.

Rust Wipe

We’ll be wiping the map, but leaving the economy and blueprints. Since it’s not the 1st of the month, I have a little freedom in my wipe schedule since I don’t have to wait for Facepunch. I’ll try to wipe between 3 and 5 PM EST but keep in mind I’m at work during that time so it’s not always easy to pinpoint. I’ll update Discord.

Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers and as usual thank you for all your feedback! I appreciate all of you. Always come to me if you have a question or something isn’t working as expected. The sooner you do, the sooner I can address it. Thanks for making Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla your favorite Rust servers!