Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got some SuperHeli buffs, home setting expansion, quest corrections, loot changes, night skipping adjustments, an upcoming wipe, private message tweaks and more! Read on!

Loot Updates

I’ve made a couple of loot changes that I thought I’d give the heads up about.


  • Removed the Satchel Charge blueprint from the Underwater Basic Crate


  • Added the following items to the loot
    • Party hat
    • Frog boots
    • Five-year cake
    • Clatter helmet
    • Dragon mask
    • Chinese lantern
    • Arcade machine
    • Sickle
    • Pitchfork
    • Small electric generator
    • Mining quarry
    • Survey charge
  • Santa delivers Christmas presents and fills stockings full of goodies for special Bumfuzzlers.

Thanks for the feedback TheFireChef.

Stacking (Bumfuzzlernilla)

To make things a little simpler I made some stack changes on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Anything that would stack is now stacked 2x higher. Items that never stacked were left alone.

Private Messaging (Bumfuzzlertopia)

PMs are nice, but I’ve added a couple of extra features to enhance them a bit.

Now you’ll get an audible alert when someone private messages you and you can check the history of private messages you’ve had with another player.

Send a private message: /pm <playername> <message>
Quick reply to private message: /r <message>
Get history: /pmhistory <playername>

You’re sure to notice PMs now!

Crafting Quests (Bumfuzzlertopia)

I added a bunch of Quests (/q) related to crafting a month or two ago and then enabled instacraft shortly after. Seems they don’t go well together.

Due to instacraft, the crafting quests don’t register properly. It appears the batch crafting is what causes the issue as quests don’t have the opportunity to register the craft. That makes these quests kinda useless until I figure out a workaround.

For now, I’ve disabled the crafting quests and I’ll revisit them in the near future.

Thanks to CannonFodder for the feedback.

Authorization (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Be careful to recognize who your friends are (/fmenu) as friends may automatically have access to your code locks, cupboards, turrets and so on (/autoauth).

I’m seeing lots of players with one-sided friendships which is either due to players not realizing how this works or people are trying to get around the clan limits.

I may wipe the auto authorization data to ensure players aren’t being taken advantage of. You may have to use /autoauth after the wipe to configure the settings the way you want it.

Building Restrictions (Bumfuzzlertopia)

For a while now restrictions were in place to ensure bases didn’t get out of control. This was for a few reasons. I’ve decided to extend them slightly.

I’ve raised the limit for building items by 20%. This is not related to ‘entities’ like campfires and boxes. This is strictly related to walls, foundations, etc.

I’ll monitor performance and other situations. If all goes well I’ll continue to raise the limits over the next couple wipes.

Thanks Bungie for the feedback.

Monuments (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Due to being on vacation, I had to perform the last wipe and set up from a hotel with really crappy wireless. Some things didn’t go so well even though I had thought they did lol

I fixed both the Flag Memorial and Southern Border monuments this past Saturday when I returned. They should be working properly.

This month we see a new monument. The Flag Day Memorial has run its course. I will leave the fireworks in place all year round though.

Thanks to CannonFodder for the feedback.

Homes (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Setting homes (/home) has been somewhat limiting, but after a suggestion, I considered opening the ability up a bit.

Now, in addition to foundations, you can set a home (/sethome) on floors. This gives a little more flexibility for builders as they attempt to battle raiders!

Thanks to CannonFodder for the suggestion.

Skipping Night (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Each night you get the option to skip night (/voteday) and with it, gather rates increase, firework displays drop loot, and quarry boosts, etc. All that will stay the same, but…

There was a tiny bug in the configuration causing some weird overlap in times when the vote was successful.

Because of that, the night will now skip to 7 am instead of 9 am. If you buy day time from the store (/s), it will also change to 7 am.

Thanks to CannonFodder for the feedback.

Stat Rankings

Stats are fun right? Right. So why not have more? I’ve added stats that will stick around regardless of the wipe (or at least that’s the plan right now)

Here’s a full list of all the stats that’ll be tracked:

  • PVP Kills
  • PVP Distance
  • PVE Kills
  • PVE Distance
  • NPC Kills
  • NPC Distance
  • Sleepers Killed
  • Head Shots
  • Deaths
  • Suicides
  • KDR
  • SDR
  • Skulls Crushed
  • Times Wounded
  • Times Healed
  • SuperHeli Hits
  • SuperHeli Kills
  • APC Hits
  • APC Kills
  • Barrels Destroyed
  • Explosives Thrown
  • Arrows Fired
  • Bullets Fired
  • Rockets Launched
  • Traps Destroyed
  • Drops Looted
  • Structures Built
  • Structures Demolished
  • Items Deployed
  • Items Crafted
  • Entities Repaired
  • Resources Gathered
  • Structures Upgraded

These stats will be shown on both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla. You can check your personal stats or the leaderboards using /pr. Also from time to time, you’ll be given information on the top 5 of any given category in the server chat.

Thanks to TheFireChef for feedback.

SuperHeli Buffs

Players were farming the SuperHeli a little too much so I made some changes.

Here’s what I changed on both Bumfuzzlernilla and Bumfuzzlertopia:

  • Slightly increased
    • Speed
    • Damage dealt
    • Explosion radius
    • Bullet Accuracy
    • Bullet Damage
    • Bullet Speed
    • Turret Burst Time
  • Slightly reduced
    • Time between rockets
    • Time between turret bursts

On Bumfuzzlertopia:

  • I’ve increased the SuperHeli’s rotor health by 2 times.
    • Main Rotor health doubled
    • Tail Rotor health doubled
  • Calling the SuperHeli via the store (/s) now costs 500 instead of 300

On Bumfuzzlernilla:

  • Health reduced to 25% of SuperHeli on Bumfuzzlertopia

Let’s see how this goes. I’ll adjust it based on results.

Clan Limits (Bumfuzzlertopia)

There seems to be some confusion about the clan limits so I thought I’d throw some more info out there.

If you’re going to be in a clan wearing a clan tag and such, be in a clan. In that case, I don’t expect to see the [SUPER] clan, raiding, gathering, building or sleeping with people who aren’t in the [SUPER] clan. If you’re not in a clan, then I expect you to play with people who are your friends, but if you’re raiding, gathering, building or sleeping with more than 3 players, I’m going to assume you are breaking the group limit rule.

Additionally, if you rotate clan members every other day over the course of a wipe cycle I will be suspicions. This is especially true if I see PLAYER1 leave the clan and then return a few days later. You can’t keep cycling people in and out based on who’s online.

Take this conversation.

  • [07/24/2019 16:36:56] PLAYER1 said: where does PLAYER2 fit in then
  • [07/24/2019 16:36:57] PLAYER3 said: PLAYER2 is running the clan tag for location purposes
  • [07/24/2019 16:36:58] PLAYER4 said: hmmm
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:05] PLAYER3 said: I already talked to Bumfuzzler
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:20] PLAYER1 said: hmmm
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:26] PLAYER3 said: Go ahead and complain
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:31] PLAYER4 said: I’m still a solo player
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:33] PLAYER1 said: still in a clan, not allowed to help each other tho
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:34] PLAYER3 said: Sure
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:50] PLAYER1 said: so why would you need his loco
  • [07/24/2019 16:37:53] PLAYER3 said: hmmm… We are not sharing Resources or Bases
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:05] PLAYER3 said: You can play with non-clan members PLAYER1
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:10] PLAYER3 said: Read the website Bumfuzzler
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:11] PLAYER1 said: then why do you need to know where he is
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:18] PLAYER1 said: i have read the website
  • [07/24/2019 16:38:21] PLAYER3 said: We are playing together RN

No one has talked to me to get any type of exception to this rule. You can have people in your clan for whatever reason you want. You can have people as friends for whatever reason you want. However, you are limited to working in groups no more than 3. If I see players continuously violating the solo/duo/trio limit you can expect a temp ban.

If you have any questions, please ask. I will be slowly getting harder and harder on this. We have lots of solo players on the server and it’s not fair for players to gang up.


This Thursday, August 1st, both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla will be wiping. That includes the maps, economy, and blueprints where apply. As always the time will depend on the release of the patch which is up to Facepunch, but this is typically between 3 pm and 7 pm EST. I’ll keep you all up to date in Discord on what’s going on.

Here’s some info about what’s coming in the patch! I’ll have to remember to add diesel fuel to the compound and possibly the loot table! Maybe I’ll make it spawn in the fuel barrels sometimes.

Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers and keep the feedback flowing! I appreciate the comments and will continue to make adjustments to extend your gaming experience!