Hey Bumfuzzlers! Fewer topics this week, but very impactful changes! We’ve got some massive updates to Raid Shield, Raid Block updates, Storage Monitor expansions, and the wipe! Read on for all the good stuff!

Raid Shield

I’ve got some major updates coming in the latest version of Raid Shield!

Raid Shield

First, what’s the goal of Raid Shield?

To help players who are new to the server and potentially peaceful, settle in and learn the ins and outs of the server without being raided, potentially repeatedly until they leave. With this latest version, the goal extends to other players to reward them with offline protection for playtime.

Version 1 recap

  • Players with /loyalty levels between 1 and 15 have Raid Shield protection
  • Raid Shield protects all bases authorized by eligible players
  • Raid Shield protection is forfeited if the player receives 5 aggression strikes
    • Aggression Strike = Damaging another player’s base or items
    • Aggression Strike = Damaging another player
  • All players authorized to the Tool Cupboard must be eligible for RRaid Shield protection

Version 2 Improvements


  • Bases with Raid Shield are no longer damaged by fire
  • Bases with Raid Shield are now damageable to non-player attacks like the Patrol Helicopter
  • Animals and NPCs are now damageable inside Raid Shield


  • Crafting raiding materials now counts as an aggression strike
  • If a player from outside the Raid Shield shoots a player inside the Raid Shield, the player inside the Raid Shield will not be damaged
  • If a player from inside the Raid Shield shoots a player outside the Raid Shield, the player outside the Raid Shield will not be damaged
  • If two players shoot each other inside the Raid Shield neither player will be damaged
  • Shooting players when outside the Raid Shield is no longer considered an aggression strike as it was in version 1

New Features

  • Players can now charge their shield with playtime
  • Shield charge is currently a 1 to 1 ratio. Play for an hour, get 1 hour of Raid Shield (time may change)
  • The Raid Shield can be charged to a max time of 12 hours (requires 12 hours of playtime, time may change, idling charges your shield)
  • Offline Raid Shield
    • When players sign off, their Raid Shield will turn on for offline protection and stay on for whatever time their charge allows
    • Once the Raid Shield‘s charge ends, their shield will automatically turn off
    • When signing back in, the Shield will turn off and if any charge still exists, it will be saved and new playtime will be added to it
    • If a player is being raided when signing off, the Shield will not turn on until 30 minutes after that raid stops (time may change) Keep this in mind raiders! If you raid and come back 35 minutes later…
    • If a player is not being raided when signing off, the Raid Shield will turn on after a delay of 10 minutes (time may change)
    • If a player signs off and they have a penalty from raiding or crafting raiding materials the offline shield will not turn on for 60 minutes (time may change)
    • If one player in a team of 3 signs off, if they have a charge, the Raid Shield will turn on, and it will begin to discharge.
    • If one player in a team of 3 signs off, if they have charge, but the other 2 have aggression penalties, the Raid Shield will not turn on until those penalties are over. However, the player’s shield will discharge.

New User Interface

To give you a better understanding of what’s happening with your Raid Shield, you’ll now have a new interface element. Mind you, I’m still working on positioning it, so it may not look so hot right now.

Raid Shield Charging UI

The above example tells you your shield is currently inactive so your base is not protected. This will show to you if you are authorized on the Tool Cupboard in that base. Notice it tells you the shield is charging and what charge it has.

Raid Shield Penalty UI

Here you are told that you have a penalty and it will last for another 43 minutes. Penalties again are for crafting raiding materials or raiding someone’s base.

Raid Shield Unknown UI

The above is what you’ll see if you enter into the Tool Cupboard range of someone else’s base. You will be told if there’s a shield, but you won’t be told the status of their shield or how much charge is left.

If the shield is active it will say Shield Active and the UI will be shown in green.

Get more information about Raid Shield

Thanks Mattt and Shloshed for helping me test.

Raid Block

You can’t do that when you’re doing raiding!


Sorry, but I added /remove it to the list of blocked functionality you can’t use when raiding or being raided.

Thanks Mattt for the feedback.

Storage Monitor Expansion

The Electrical Dream package already had an expansion of the storage monitor to work with additional objects.


Now it’s been expanded further. Here are all the items you can use the Storage Monitor on when you support the server with the Electrical Dream package:

  • Composters
  • Drop boxes
  • Furnaces
  • Trough Hitches
  • Lockers
  • Mailboxes
  • Planters
  • Fish Traps
  • Mixing table (new)
  • Barbecue (new)
  • Fridge (new)
  • Shotgun trap (new)
  • Coffin (new)

Go check out the packages in the store and support the server!


Today, wipe comes to Bumfuzzlertopia!


Today is a map wipe for Bumfuzzlertopia. Blueprints and economy stay.

You can expect it to go down sometime in the early afternoon. Typically between 3 and 4 PM EST. I’ll communicate in Discord.

Special thanks to Mattt for choosing the map!

Saturday, Bumfuzzlernilla will have a map wipe as well.

As always Bumfuzzlers, thank you for your feedback and loyalty. Please continue to have fun playing Rust!

Here’s some latest Rust news about what Facepunch is doing.