Hey Bumfuzzlers, new one-of-a-kind custom feature called Raid Shield, the walking dead rise, Super Skin, and Sliding Door fixes, zombie-safe zones, noob protection extensions, raid base changes, expansion of monument zones, teleportation changes, upcoming wipe news, and more! Read on!

Raid Shield

Raiding is awesome and I fully encourage it, but sometimes…

House Ladder

Rust is brutal. Thing is, without new blood sticking around, things will get stagnant and we’ll have no growth.

With that, I introduce the first phase of a completely original new feature, specific only to our servers called Raid Shield. The Raid Shield protects a player’s bases to make them impervious to damage under certain conditions.

A base will automatically have a Raid Shield enabled when it meets the following conditions:

Everyone authorized to the Tool Cupboard in that base is:

  • Between Loyalty Levels (/loyalty) Level 1 and Level 15
  • Free of aggression strikes

How do you get aggression strikes?

  • If you damage another player’s base or their items in any way, you will get a strike against you.
  • If you damage another player, in any way, you will get a strike against you.

Once you exceed the limit of strikes allowed (5), you will automatically lose your Raid Shield.

This is great for players who are more role players or just those who want to get a peaceful start on the server.

Don’t worry, if you have a shield you’re allowed to retaliate against other players who attack you. Obviously, it’s unfair to give Raid Shield covered players aggression strikes for defending themselves. f a player attacks someone who has a Raid Shield, the Raid Shield‘d player will be given a grace period that lasts 5 minutes where they can defend themselves by any means necessary.

Phase 2 of this feature is currently in the works which will extend the functionality. Here’s what will be added:

  • Crafting raiding materials will be considered an aggression strike
  • All players will have an option to turn on their shield after a raid (in certain conditions)
  • All players will have the ability to charge their shield with playtime

Further details on that will follow, but for now, that’s all I’ll say :P~

Here’s complete information about the Raid Shield functionality.

Thanks to CannonFodder and CookieMonster for helping me test.

Just remember if you have a Raid Shield that you still need to close your doors and bar your windows :wink:

Raid Shield

Mattt asked in Discord “Can the shield protection put bars on people’s windows for them :wink:

The answer is no Mattt. It cannot :wink: lol

Take note of the ‘Shield Active’ indicator. When you’re inside of Tool Cupboard coverage for any base, you’ll be shown whether or not that base, including your own, has a Raid Shield.

Monument Recyclers

As you know there Bumfuzzlertopia has recyclers added to various monuments that don’t normally have them.

Monument Recycler

I’ve recently added recyclers to fishing villages as well.


Walking Dead

Just when you thought you were dead. You twitch and get up.

Walking Dead

On Bumfuzzlertopia, I added a new feature to the server that will likely be lots of fun.

Now, when you die, regardless of the method, you will get up and walk among the dead. The zombie will look like you, wear your clothes and bear your name!

Here are some details of how these zombies work:

  • Spawns when a player is killed for any reason.
  • Spawns near the body.
  • Live for up to 60 minutes, then dies
  • Wears the clothing of the deceased player
  • Carries components and potentially other trinkets

Hope this adds some fun! Give me feedback!

Behavior Policy

I want to be clear about how I look at behavior on the server and how I typically handle it.


Here is a shortlist of things that I believe have no place on the server:

  1. Posting pornographic pictures on signs. I’m not against porn or the human body, but I don’t think we need to act like 9-year olds who just caught a glimpse of a boob for the first time.
  2. Constantly trying to get around word censoring. Cursing can help accentuate a point, but overuse makes it useless and comes across as tacky. You also look stupid due to a small vocabulary.
  3. Using derogatory racial words in any form. It doesn’t matter what the ‘N’ word ends with. If you’re black, I don’t care. Any person saying negative things about their race or other groups of people isn’t cool.
  4. Bullying, stalking, trying to ruin another player’s day. You’re just going to run off other players and play alone. There’s no point in being toxic and it’s not good for the server.
  5. Disrespecting me or the server. I get how some people have issues with authority. Maybe your Daddy told you to mow the lawn and it bothered you, but I don’t deserve your crap. I work hard to ensure you have as much fun as possible.

At the same time, I have to urge others not to be so outraged and offended that you leave our community like violated ninnies clutching your pearls. You have to grow a set of balls and recognize what people say is largely uncontrollable and they may say and do things you don’t like. You don’t have to resort to cutting off your nose to spite your face every time someone is immature.

So here’s how I typically handle things so that you know, but of course, as a human, I’m not always consistent (I try):

Case: Player is new, does something against rules or policy
Result: I ask them to stop. If they don’t, instant ban forever. They can talk to me as they see fit.
Why: If someone is going to join the community in that way, without care of rules, there’s no point.

Case: Player is a veteran, does something against rules or policy
Result: I ask them to stop. If they don’t, a 30-day ban. I speak to them. If unapologetic or they don’t accept responsibility, ban forever
Why: Being a veteran, they must have exhibited good behavior until then and the fact that they’ve been loyal to the server causes me to be loyal to them.

Case: Player commits the same offense again
Result: Ban forever
Why: If I have explained to anyone the consequences and they know the rules, but continue to exhibit the same behavior, it’s obvious they do not respect me, the server, or the players on the server.

There are some exceptions of course where I could give someone another chance, but generally, this is how it goes and what you can expect from me. I might warn someone more than once if I feel the infraction is minor. I might ban someone without warning if I feel the situation is over the top.

I urge you all to be better people. It should be something we’re all striving to be every day and self-improvement is not limited by setting. That goes for both the offensive and offended people.

Taming Animals

Don’t you miss the days when you could ride a chicken?


Yeah, we all do.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with that feature so I disabled it and finally got around to fixing it.

Now if you’re within 10 meters of an anima, you can type /tame and it will stop long enough to let you mount it. Then you can go riding around the countryside.

For more information, ask Earl by typing !tame.

Thanks AlphaDuckyYT for the feedback.


I’ve made some speed changes to zombies.

Zombie Night

Their walking speed should be the same as it’s always been, but now when triggered, they should increase to a running speed about 30% faster.

I hope it’s more fun that they pose a slightly better challenge.

Watch your back!

Super Skins

An exploit with crafting and changing skins has been resolved.

Skin Barn

It appears if you purchased skins used on any Super Skin item, you’d be able to craft items with those skins and change to those skins by using the repair bench.

Now when trying to craft using select skins it will block you and give you a message advising you it’s not possible and the reason why.

There was a lapse in /skinbox the other day only because I updated the plugin and it wiped my configuration :(, but that’s been resolved.

Thanks to kungfoozball and Gravy for pointing out the situation.

Sliding Doors

On Bumfuzzlertopia, it turns out the sliding door feature’s wood and metal doors didn’t make any sounds.

Armored Door

I was able to resolve that.

However, the Armor door sound is very harsh. I’m still looking for a fix for that.

Sliding doors (/sdoor) become available on Bumfuzzlertopia at Level 11 (/loyalty).

Thanks to L33T-\3R0  for the feedback.

Zombie Safe Zones

Safe zones like the Outpost and Bandit Camp can be problematic when certain individuals come walking in.


So now, on Bumfuzzlertopia, zombies will be killed automatically when finding themselves there.

Jason and Freddy have new behavior too, but they’ll act differently. They’ll live when going into the safe zones, but they won’t attack you unless you’re hostile.

Noob Protection

I’ve extended some noob protections for new players a bit further.


Previously new players would get the following protections until Level 5 (/loyalty), but now they’ll last until Level 7. Basically, that’s another 30 minutes or their first hour of play.

  • Zombie Scent
    • Zombies won’t attack unless provoked
    • Only on Bumfuzzlertopia
  • Super Heli Protect
    • Super Heli won’t attack unless provoked
  • Super Bradley Protect
    • Super Bradley won’t attack unless provoked
  • Uberman Boost
    • 50% less damage
    • 50% fewer food requirements
    • 50% more medical boost
  • Animal Aggression
    • Animals won’t attack unless provoked
    • New to Bumfuzzlertopia

Hopefully, this gives new players on both servers a warmer welcome.

Raidable Bases

Just making a few more tweaks!

Rust Raid

So here’s what I’ve done:

  • There were just a bit too many explosives in those bases. I lowered them.
  • Sometimes there would be multiple stacks of the same items which screwed up my loot calculations. Now they shouldn’t duplicate. One stack per item.
  • Bases will now only despawn after the following conditions are met
    • the tool cupboard was looted and
    • 2 hours have past

All Raidable Bases automatically are removed also when the server restarts so keep in mind Bumfuzzlernilla restarts automatically at 2 AM EST and Bumfuzzlertopia restarts at 4 AM EST. If you start raiding a base at 1:58 AM on Bumfuzzlernilla, you may find the base is gone after the restart and cry for your lost C4.

I’ll continue balancing. The goal is of course to make the bases realistic, to hopefully give back players resources they used in the raid (at least, but not always).  What I don’t want is to allow players to raid these bases only and never have to gather in an entire wipe.

I’m still working on trying to resolve bases sometimes spawning into the ground. This is a bit problematic.

Weapon Evolution

A couple of you have reported weapons downgrading which is of course not intended.


I was able to fix one instance of the Thompson 2.x going back down to 1.5x, but I wasn’t able to duplicate the AK or LR situation some of you reported.

If it happens, let me know the following.

  1. Where did you get the weapon? In loot or did it upgrade to 2.x
  2. Which weapon is it? AK, LR, etc.
  3. What skin does it have before it downgrades? or What’s the name of the weapon?

Hopefully, the answers to these questions will help me track them down.

Thanks Gravy for your feedback.

Monument Zones

We had some discussion recently about walling off Quarries.

Monument Paracuting

For all monuments on Bumfuzzlertopia, I made the zones around them slightly larger – by 25 meters – to prevent building around them as easily. I may make this larger next wipe, but I don’t want to go too large. It will reduce the building area on the map.

Since it’s not in the rules I guess building around monuments is possible to do – for now – if you can.

Monument Teleporting

A couple of weeks ago someone messaged me because they caught someone at the Excavator who teleported away from them and they didn’t think players should be able to teleport out of special areas.


I think they had a good point. Players probably shouldn’t be able to teleport out of monuments. If you’re going into those areas to get the goodies, you’ve got to take some risk. This should increase PVP a little which is a good thing.

So now, on Bumfuzzlertopia, teleporting from monuments is not allowed. You’ll have to move outside the zone to teleport out.


Heads up on when the next wipes are coming.

Rust Wipe

Both servers will wipe on Thursday, March 4th. That will be a map, blueprint, and economics where apply.

Here’s some of what may be upcoming in Facepunch‘s Rust. Slot machines, possibly drones, and the underground system I expect.