Hey Bumfuzzlers! Today’s wipe day and there are a few updates to share. Raid Shield gets some fixes and readies for version 3, calling the Super Heli perks are working again, Raidable Bases has some kinks worked out, more security, Discord emojis, welcome screens, and verification, and more! Read on!

Raid Shield

I’ve got some more Raid Shield improvements for ya.

Raid Shield

Here are the updates:

  • Items inside Raid Shield (NPC, Corpses, Animals, Resources, Barrels) are now damageable
  • Attackers with shields will be penalized and receive a warning if they attack players from within their raid shield or they attack a base they do not own
  • If Victim (player or base) is inside an active raid shield, no damage is done
  • Raiding Raidable Bases (say that 3 times fast) now gives you a penalty just like any other base

You can read a complete overview of everything on the Raid Shield page!

Thanks Mattt for the feedback and troubleshooting info.

Calling Super Heli

If you have a certain loyalty level (/loyalty) you can call the Super Heli to set up a fight.


Here is how it’s always been setup:

  • Level 17 – cooldown one day, limit 1 per day
  • Level 23 – cooldown 12 hours, limit 2 per day
  • Level 27 – cooldown 3 hours, limit 3 per day

Unfortunately, it wasn’t working that way because levels 17 and up all had 1 call per day with a full day’s cooldown.

Now it should work as stated above.

Something to consider, I have listed the command as /callheli, but it appears maybe for it to work properly, you need to use /callheli <YourName>

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Thanks Willow for the feedback.

Raidable Bases

Found a couple of issues with those NPC bases.

C4 Explosive Suit

Here’s a couple of fixes done recently:

  • Auto Turrets, Flame Turrets, and Shotgun Traps can now be looted
  • Auto Turrets, Flame Turrets, and Shotgun Traps will drop ammo when destroyed

There are a couple of outstanding issues I’m looking into:

  • You can Teleport into Raidable Bases (after you place a TC), but when you Teleport out it sends you just outside the base
  • Players are no longer able to build onto Raidable Bases

Thanks Mattt for the feedback

Security Haxorz

I’ve been working on security again lately, again. Can’t have too much I guess.

Border Security

I’ve switched to a plugin that seems to have potential. It detects quite a few hacks and automatically deals with the threats nicely.

The thing is such plugins can be complicated, have issues, create false positives, etc. At least for now, I have it in warning mode. It shouldn’t ban or kick.

If you come across anything strange, see weird messages, etc. just let me know.

Discord Emojis

I added a couple of new emojis in Discord, and am always up for suggestions.

Discord EmojiDiscord EmojiDiscord EmojiDiscord EmojiDiscord Emoji

Discord Emoji Discord EmojiDiscord EmojiDiscord Emoji

There’s a bunch of existing emojis that are somewhat lame and it’s about time I replaced them. If you have suggestions let me know.
Have fun!

Discord Community

Now that I’ve joined the Discord Community, new people who join Discord will be presented with a couple of new features.
Discord Welcome
New joiners will get a welcome screen like the one above explaining some of the channels.
Discord Verification
And they’ll also be required to agree to the rules with an email verification requirement. I may put further rules in place to ensure there aren’t people joining just to pester Bumfuzzlers with direct message spam.
I’ll likely expand on this in the near future, but for now, they’re nice features.


Today it’s the 1st Thursday of the month which means it’s wipe day!
Rust Wipe
Both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla will wipe maps and blueprints and all will be fresh and new as Facepunch is dropping a new Rust patch.
You can expect the wipes to take place somewhere between 3 and 4 pm EST, but it can fluctuate based on when Facepunch drops the patch. Sometimes it varies outside that timeframe. As always I’ll let everyone know in Discord.
As always you Bumfuzzlers are awesome. Thanks for your continued support and feedback. Have fun out there!