Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got some sweet updates for ya and also upcoming Rust news that seems very interesting! We’ve got new kits for dueling, the ability to wave your hands in the air like you don’t care,  changes at the skin shop, craft auto-skinning is back, skinning on command, a wipe poll, horse armor, and a new helicopter! Read on!

Duel, to Death

Dueling is really amazing and if you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to. It gives you all the danger and excitement of PVP without the risk of losing your hard-earned stuff. You can join the queue and then be transported to an arena where you get a kit and go a few rounds with another player. Then you go safely back to where you were when it’s over and get your inventory back!

I made some changes to kits which should be exciting!

  • Added a Flamethrower kit
  • Fixed lack of ammo for nail gun and other kits

Thanks for feedback Doge, ExVeemon and Safe From Clintons

P.S. – At the moment it appears ExVeemon is leading the ladder with 61 wins! Nice work!

No Mic? Gesture

Facepunch added gestures and you can technically use them with console commands, but that’s no fun.

Now you can use the /gestures command to bring up the gesture wheel and play charades with your friends! 🙂 You won’t see them in 1st person, but others will when they look at you.

To maximize their use, I recommend binding a key. Press F1 and in console type:

bind f “chat.say /gestures”

Thanks to CannonFodder for helping me test them out.

The Skin Barn

You can buy skins from the /skin shop and also choose default skins when crafting. It’s really sweet because it saves you time styling your stuff. What’s really nice is at higher Prestige levels (/loyalty) it gets even better.

At Level 21 (/loyalty) you earn the ability to buy skins from the skin shop for no cost. Great little perk.

Unfortunately, it was discovered that you could also sell skins in the skin shop which meant you had a cash machine exploit of epic proportions!

I’ve since disabled the ability to sell skins in the /skin shop which seems reasonable anyway. Now, it’s a one-way shop!

Thanks for the feedback Safe From Clintons

Crafting Skins

A while back, when crafting items you’d get a random skin. I didn’t realize this wasn’t working! Doh!

Now, when you craft items that support skins, you should get a random skin to ensure your base doesn’t look too plain.

Reskin Anytime

There are so many ways to skin a cat on Bumfuzzlertopia. You can use /skin shop to set default skins, you can use /skinbox to choose your skin, and you also get randomized skins on crafting. Now, you’ll have a new way!

Starting at Level 7 (/loyalty) players will have the ability to reskin the item they have selected in their hotbar or reskin the item they’re looking at by using the /reskin command. For instance, if you’re holding an AK and you type /reskin it will randomly change skins. If you look at your furnace, and type /reskin, it will randomly change skins.

I highly recommend binding a key to the command by going to the console and typing the following:

bind y “chat.say /reskin”

Change y to what key you want to use of course.

Enjoy your skinning freedom!

To Wipe or not?

Due to the 5-Thursday month and the fact that we normally wipe in 2-week intervals on the 1st and 3rd Thursday, I put up a poll in Discord to see if anyone wanted to wipe sooner for a quick 1-week cycle.

The poll clearly showed most of you wanted to extend the wipe another week and wipe on 9/5 when the next patch comes out.

However, I decided to make another poll to revote since I believe it will cause the last week to be dead which won’t benefit anyone. So I posted another poll and it seemed to go the other way.

I think it’s wise to wipe for the last week. The server is made for 2-week wipe cycles and anything longer seems a bit stale. Also, the Rust browser shows the last wipe date and players look for more freshly wiped servers to join. New player counts will fall off during this last week of the month.

Given that, we’ll do a map wipe on Thursday 8/29 if the poll numbers hold up. I’ll try my best to do it during the afternoon, but if I get busy, it’ll have to be later at night. I’ll keep everyone posted in Discord.

Coming Soon

It appears there are two major items coming to Rust in the near future that are intriguing. Horse armor and a new larger helicopter that can be flown by players?? Apparently, the helicopter will be in the next patch, but unsure about the horse armor.

As always thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for the feedback! Please have fun out there and keep being awesome! 🙂