Hey Bumfuzzlers! I’ve got a whole heap of good stuff for you! Detonate explosives remotely, a redesigned online store, improved server security, firework display upgrades, minicopter enhancements, Bradley Nerfs, SuperHeli bumps, gathering changes, noob assistance, zombie adjustments, and more! Read on about the server changes!

Remote Detonation

That’s right you heard me right. Remote… explosives… boom!

C4 Explosive Suit

There used to be a different way to do this, but the trigger required typing commands and it was not very good. This is the real deal.

Once you hit Level 9 (/loyalty) you’ll have the ability to plant C4, Satchels, Beancans, or F1 Grenades and then trigger them with Rust’s RF Detonator.

To use it:

  1. get yourself some explosives
  2. get yourself an RF Transmitter (set your frequency by right-clicking)
  3. type /re set xxxx (where xxxx is your frequency)
  4. type /re toggle
  5. plant your explosives
  6. select your RF Transmitter
  7. trigger away!

Now you can raid by planting multiple C4 all over their base and then blowing half the base apart with the pulling of a trigger!

I can tell you from my experience in testing this, it is so much fun!

Online Store

Recently there were several instances where player purchases made in the online store were delayed and that meant you didn’t get your packages at the start of the wipe like you wanted.


It just so happened I hit a busy patch and didn’t see the notifications which I regret. Needless to say, I went into action to prevent that from happening again. I rolled out a completely new store.

The major advantages of the new store for you are:

  • When you purchase something, you immediately receive it. You no longer have to wait for me.
  • You can gift purchases to your friends and they’ll automatically receive the goods.
  • In the future, subscriptions to your favorite packages will be possible.

The store has the following purchase options:

  • Make one-time purchases for 2 weeks
  • Make one-time purchases for 1 month

Here are some of the packages in the store:

  • Christmas Cheer – gives you all the Christmas related items
  • Electrical Dream – gives you every electrical item you can dream of
  • (NEW!) Frequent Flyer – gives you minicopters on-demand with options
  • Gallop King – gives you access to everything horse
  • Halloween Fear – gives you all the Halloween related items
  • Warp Master – gives you access to teleporting goodness

I’m going to be coming up with new packages and options for the store to give you the ability to support the servers in more non-op ways.

Please let me know if you find any issues with the store. I’ll be watching it closely.

Thanks to Cannonfodder for providing me with feedback.

Firework Displays

I’ve been meaning to get nightly firework display events hooked up with Facepunch fireworks for some time now.


Finally, they’re here and I can’t help watching them!

At night, firework displays will now happen at monuments randomly and it looks really awesome! You might find yourself watching them as you unknowingly get eaten by a boar!

As the fireworks go off, the rocket booms should drop loot for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the show and if by some chance this causes your potato computer any unreasonable lag, please let me know. It may still need fine-tuning.

Plugin Page

For a while, I’ve been wanting to provide pages on the website specific to plugins running on the servers to give you more info.

Electrical Component Mess

I’ve started redesigning the plugin page and designing subpages to explain plugin functionality. There are so many plugins that push Bumfuzzlertopia specifically well beyond the basic functionality you’ll find on your average Rust server.

So far I’ve created a page for the Autodoors feature which you can find here.

There are so many features available to you on Bumfuzzlertopia so it’ll be a good source for you to completely understand the tools you have at your disposal. If you’d like to see a plugin explained in more depth, let me know and I’ll work on that one first.

Security Measures

I’ve beefed up security and monitoring a little bit to hopefully reduce the existence of nefarious individuals.

Border Security

Here’s a couple of additions/modifications:

  • Players reported 5 times within a week will be automatically banned
  • Players with Game/VAC bans in the last 120 days will be kicked
  • Players with 2 or more Game/VAC bans will be automatically banned
  • Typing admin, !admin, owner, moderator will now automatically alert me
  • Players with Steam accounts less than 60 days old will be flagged for monitoring

Some of these did exist before, but now I’ve improved their logging and alerts so I can be better notified and perform easier searching.

Copter Delight

I’ve had a few people ask for the ability to spawn minicopters so I considered it.


I decided to give minicopters a little more love.

Here are the enhancements:

  • You can now purchase a minicopter in the store (/s) for 500 RP
  • At level 17 (/loyalty), you can spawn your own minicopter every 3 days (/mymini)
  • At level 27 (/loyalty), minicopters require no fuel [temporarily disabled]
  • At level 29 (/loyalty), you can spawn your own minicopter every 1 day (/mymini)

Above all that, I created a brand new package to satisfy the true frequent flyers out there.

The Frequent Flyer package will give you:

  • Spawn your own minicopter every 2 hours (/mini)
  • Call your minicopter to your location (/fmini)
  • Unlimited minicopter fuel
  • Minicopters do not decay

The  Frequent Flyer package is a great way to support the server! Go check out some of the other packages over at the online store.

Thanks to Talzin and Cannonfodder for the feedback.

Loot Adjustments

In reviewing the loot, mostly in barrels, it appears some items are way too common.

Loot Treasure

Electrical components, sprinklers, fluid-related items, and musical instruments are still coming up far too frequently.

Added the following items:

  • Smart Alarm
  • Smart Switch

Made more frequent:

  • Fluid combiner

Made less frequent:

  • Sprinklers
  • Fluid Splitter
  • Fluid Switch & Pump
  • Musical instruments

Hopefully, this will reduce some unnecessary items, get us ready for the wipe new mobile app (which btw, you can install from your mobile store now)

FYI, I saw someone mention how the scientist loot is the default which is surprising because all the other loot is custom. This is because it’s not possible to modify scientist loot it seems.

Bradley Nerf

Well, I tried to create a SuperBradley, but it didn’t work out the way I’d hoped and maybe it was a bad idea anyway.

Bradley APC Tank

I supercharged the Bradley and made him all big and bad, but after the patch, I had issues with the loot due to the buggy tank plugin causing a conflict.

The Bradley will now take half the resources of the SuperHeli (about) and give you half the loot. This may be best anyway as it allows players to step their way up to more and more loot depending on what resources they have at any given time.

This was changed a couple of weeks ago. I just didn’t have time to communicate it.

SuperHeli Bump

After watching the SuperHeli closer, I realize all the health increases were mostly for its body. That’s not how players take him down.

Rust SuperHeli

The rotor, main and tail, health was set really low so that’s where I focused.

I’ve increased the health slightly for the SuperHeli in the following areas:

  • Main rotor health
  • Tail rotor health

I can absolutely say I was influenced by Autobot161‘s performance below. Pretty impressive!

Streaming & YouTube

If anyone else out there frequently streams or records Rust videos when playing on Bumfuzzlertopia or Bumfuzzlernilla let me know.

Streaming YouTube

I would be more than happy to promote your videos.

Gathering Levels

A couple weeks ago I made some changes to the night bonus, but there was an issue and the changes only took effect this past wipe.

Wood Pile

The changes affect nerfing the night time gather rates, but you probably didn’t notice it as it was slight.

First-time Joiners

Those first-time joiners always seem to be zombie dinner. No one likes that and sometimes players leave once their flesh is eaten.


So, from now on players at loyalty levels from 0 to 4 (/loyalty), will have the following protections:

  • Zombies will not notice them. If they attack them, they will return the favor.
  • NPCs like scientists and Jason Vorhees won’t attack them. Aggression will be met with repercussions.
  • The SuperHeli will not target them unless they attack the SuperHeli.

I witnessed a funny situation the other day. Two new players were riding horses around until they were freaked out by a single zombie just standing there doing nothing. You could tell they didn’t know what to think because they stopped and continued to stare. Eventually, one then the other jumped off their horse and looked closer. One of them decided to poke the zombie.

What do you think happened? Yes. The zombie killed him lol

The other player jumped off his horse and slew the zombie, but I guess it goes to show you can do your best to help people, but they’ll wind up killing themselves anyway lol

Hopefully, overall, new players can now get started in peace without being hunted by the undead. I think 20 minutes should be more than enough for a head start.

Wipe Progressions

The diary and zombie increase idea was something I believed would add value, but…

Diary Writing

…it just didn’t work as I’d hoped. For now, at least, I disabled the diary functionality and set zombies statically.

I’ll revisit this in the future since I do like the idea.


Honestly, I didn’t think they were all that fast, but some players were getting caught.

Zombie Night

For now, I’ve slowed them down quite a bit so even the slowest of you should be able to run away from them. It should be much easier now to achieve Quests (/q).

Over time I’ll continue to adjust their speeds and counts up little by little, but if I see someone dies by a zombie now… c’mon man lol

Upcoming Features

In case you haven’t been keeping up on what’s coming, check out a couple of these videos explaining what you can expect over the next couple patches. With vehicles and the new mobile companion app coming, the game is going to see some major changes.

Wipe Cometh

We’ll be wiping both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla on Thursday, June 4th.


As usual, because there’s a patch involved I can only say it will be wiped sometime between 3 and 7 pm EST since it’s dependent on Facepunch. We’ll be wiping the map, economy levels and blueprints on both servers where applicable.

There’s a whole lot of raiding to be done between now and then! Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers and as always thank you for your feedback and support and making our Rust Servers your favorite server to play on!