Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some pre-wipe updates for you. Nilla Info Screens, Raidable Base tweaks, Offline Sliding Doors, Backpack button, Dodge reductions, Boss improvements, Blocking commands, Storage Monitor expansion, and more! Read on!

Info Screens

I’ve added a welcoming splash screen with info to Bumfuzzlernilla.

Microphone Speaker

Now when you join, you’ll get a series of screens that will give you information about the server.

You can also bring it back up at any time using the ‘i’ icon in the upper right.

Raidable Bases

In some cases, raidable bases would disappear unexpectedly.

Rust Raid

This is because the configuration was set to despawn the bases after 30 minutes of looting. Unfortunately, sometimes raiding takes longer than 30 minutes.

Now I’ve doubled the time to 60 minutes on both servers.

Thanks for the feedback McNugget


On Bumfuzzlertopia, hiring a handyman (/handyman) can ensure you’re able to get your base repaired in no time.

Deck Wood Foundation

Now it will also repair deployables like furnaces and tesla coils.

Thanks Axelantagonist for the feedback.

Offline Doors

I just noticed something that you’ll want to consider when signing off.

Armored Door

On Bumfuzzlertopia, at Level 11 (/loyalty), you can create sliding doors (/sdoor). At Level 20 (/loyalty) you gain access to Offline Doors  (/ofd) which closes your base doors automatically when you sign off.

Thing is, sliding doors don’t automatically close when you sign off.

Please keep this in mind. I don’t want you to have a false sense of security and just sign off expecting all your doors to close – again only with sliding doors.

I’m looking into this.

Easy Backpacks

If you haven’t already bound a key to backpacks, you’ll like this feature.


Typing /backpackgui will create a clickable icon in your Hotbar to make things a bit easier.

Dodging Attacks

If you find yourself Super Skin attire out there in the world, you’ll automatically get yourself some Matrix-style dodging ability.

Dodge SuperSkin

Each piece of Super Skin enabled clothing you find will give you a percentage of chance to dodge attacks.

Recently there have been a few cases where dodging happened a little more often than I would like, so I’ve lowered it a bit.

Here’s what I changed:

  • Uncommon: was 3%, now lowered to 1%
  • Rare: was 4%, now lowered to 2%
  • Super Combo Pieces: was 4.5%, now lowered to 2.5%
  • Super Rare: was 5% items, now lowered to 3%
  • Boss Attire (Bumfuzzlertopia): Remains at 5%

On Bumfuzzlertopia, if you snag the clothes from Jason or Freddy and fill the other 4 clothing slots with Super Rare items, you’ll have at the most, a 28% chance of dodging an attack. Previously at 35% chance was possible.

Boss Dodge

Lowering Super Skin dodge automatically lowers the dodging ability of Bumfuzzlertopia’s Jason and Freddy.

Jason Vorhees Boss

That’s not really something I’d like to do because I want them to be formidable and challenging. As is I think players have too much of an edge.

So, I made their Super Skins provide a bit more dodge than regular items. That also means if you take out Jason or Freddy and get their gear, you’ll get items that have slightly more dodge than default Super Skin clothing items.

Boss Boost

Also, I think the bosses need some boost in their muscles.

Freddy Krueger Boss

Not only do they have items that give them a bit more dodge, but I’ve made them a bit stronger in several ways.

  • Jason
    • He only had one Super Skin clothing item, now he has 3 so he has more dodge
    • He didn’t have any guns with Super Skins, just a melee weapon. Now he has 3 so he should do more damage
    • I’ve removed Jason’s armor. I think he looks better that way
  • Both
    • Increased accuracy
    • Increased the aggro range

Let’s see how it goes. If players keep winning, they’ll have to get a little angrier 🙂

Raid Blocking

Not sure how it happened, but it appears that some commands weren’t being blocked for players who were Raid Blocked.


I made a couple of changes.

  • Handyman (/handyman) is now blocked
  • Any and all teleport and home-related commands are blocked

Raid block is only enabled on Bumfuzzlertopia due to all the powerful plugins players may use when they’re raided. This plugin turns those features off.

Storage Monitors

Storage Monitors are awesome, but not quite implemented to their fullest.

Electricity Storage

I’ve extended Storage Monitor usage to additional objects for people who purchase the Electrical Dream package from the online store.

This allows Storage Monitors to work with:

  • Composters
  • Dropboxes
  • Furnaces
  • Hitch Troughs
  • Lockers
  • Mailboxes
  • Planters
  • Refineries
  • Fish traps

Think of all the interesting things you can do 🙂

G0 check out the Electrical Dream package and other packages in the online store and support the server!


Today Facepunch is dropping a Rust patch so both servers have a wipe coming.

Bathroom Stalls

Typically you can expect the wipe will happen between 3 and 5 pm EST, but it is dependent on Facepunch.

Both servers will have maps, blueprints, and economy (where applicable) wiped.

I’ll announce in Discord when the wipe begins and ends.

Here’s what we can expect in today’s Rust patch. They’re adding delivery drones? I suspect this is the first iteration of drone features cause the feature obviously has tons of potential.