Howdy Bumfuzzler! I’ve got some updates for you about the SuperHeli, a major Remover Tool update, an increased selection of trees you can plant, more stackable items, adjustments to selling prices, death event dynamics, an update on the aftermath of the last FacePunch patch, Heart House loot buffs, tool cupboard authorization updates, loot and performance improvements, and this week’s Bumfuzzlertopia wipe! Read on for more info.


The SuperHeli

There was an update to the plugin used to make the SuperHeli super. I applied it, then unapplied it, and then reapplied it with some changes.

After the update, sparring with the SuperHeli became extremely difficult if not impossible. Unless you destroyed him within a few minutes, he’d unload on you and your structure with 30-40 rockets in a row making it nearly impossible to survive let alone fight him.

I did quite a bit of testing – probably 1-2 hours worth – and was able to adjust him so he didn’t go into an insane mode.  With that said, I decided to up the damage on the SuperHeli a little. While his unexpected insane mode was … well…insane, I feel like he’s been too easy to farm. There should be a little risk involved and taking him solo should be somewhat challenging.

The reason for the SuperHeli, Jason, and the Zombies (although, not so much Zombies cause they’re fairly easy to deal with) is to make it so the Rust world has some danger in it. There needs to be something people are afraid of so that venturing out into the world requires caution. I don’t believe the helicopter, super or not, should be something someone takes lightly.

Expect a bunch more rocket damage dealt, more frequent use of napalm, a tiny bit more health and a small amount of speed increase. He should still be achievable solo, but he’ll give you more of a challenge. I’ll need feedback from you about how he’s acting of course.

Remember, you can call the heli (/callheli) starting at Level 17 (/loyalty) and you can purchase him via the in-game store (/s). If you want to tussle with him, I’d recommend purchasing him via the store. That seems the most reliable way to do it. The /callheli command can be somewhat flukey.

Remove Tool

There’s been an upgrade to the remover tool (/remove) which should greatly improve usability and functionality.

There are a few improvements to note:

  • It’s far more pleasant to the eyes with a graphical approach
  • It gives you better feedback to let you know what you can and can’t do
  • Typing /remove puts away what you’re holding automatically as it did before, but the remove tool session will also now end when you select something to hold in your hands. I always found it annoying to type /remove again to disable it so this is something I personally appreciate.

I saw a few people chatting about the cooldown so I adjusted that, but I’ll need feedback from you if something doesn’t work as expected.

Planting Trees

I’ve updated the tree planting plugin (/tree) to now allow for about 3-4 times the number of trees to be planted.

Now you can plant:

  • 3 types of Birch trees
  • 3 types of snowy Douglas Fir trees
  • 3 types of large Oak trees
  • 3 types of Palm trees
  • 3 types of snowy Pine trees
  • 3 types of Swamp trees

This is a great way to hide your ugly base from others!

Stacking Stacks

There always seems to be some item taking up space. Why not stack them in higher piles up to the ceiling?

Here’s what I’ve changed.

  • Diving Mask now stacks to 256
  • Electric Igniter now stacks to 256

For those of you wondering why not all items are stacked, it’s because of exploits. If something doesn’t stack and you think it should, let me know.

Ongoing Issues

This last patch broke a whole bunch of stuff 🙁 Woohoo!

Oustanding Issues

  • Coins you find in barrels aren’t giving the $30 economy (!treasure). Unsure if this is still the case. Thanks CannonFodder for the feedback.
  • Triggering multiple C4 explosives at once isn’t working (!tec). This needs more testing.
  • The treasure fire aura event is currently being worked on. It was spamming events. Thanks Myerr for the feedback.

Was broken, now fixed:

  • Skin buffs like a dodge for clothes and increased damage for weapons weren’t working, but now they are!
  • Duelist originally wasn’t working. Now it is. Thanks HitmanHutch for the feedback.
  • Skipping night wasn’t working. Now it’s fixed.
  • So many other plugins were broken and now fixed I lost track.

If you find anything else not working let me know.

Thrift Shop

I’ve done some tinkering with the selling price for items that can be sold for in the store.

Now any of the Super Skin (!skin) items sold in the store will yield roughly 20-30% less economy. I may raise this again, but for the next wipe at least I’m trying to balance sales so they are being harvested for reasonable prices.

The Heart House

I’ve made a few tweaks to the Heart House that will hopefully satisfy. I realize the loot wasn’t ideal.

I’ve changed the following:

  • The loot, both in the kit and surrounding crates is vastly improved.
  • The sister’s friends will be slightly more ‘friendly’ 🙂 Expect hugs and kisses.

If you’ve checked out the Heart House already, give it a second look!

I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day! This ‘event’ will be around until the beginning of March.

Authorization Issues

As some of you know there’s been an issue with cabinet authorization. We are not the only ones suffering with this situation.

For what appears to be no reason at all, for players in clans, one of the clan members will lose TC access unexpectedly. I’ve been doing my best to track this down and have recently added debugging to the plugin to see if we can figure this out, but given the dynamic situation and overlapping functionality of Friends, Clans and Automatic Authorization, it’s proving challenging. I would remove the authorization plugin right now, but many would lose TC access immediately and it is a great convenience.

The Automatic Authorization plugin (/autoauth) automatically gives your friends and clanmates access to your TC, Turrets, Codelocks, etc. when you add someone as a friend or clanmate. You have the ability to turn it off if you’d like and potentially not have these issues, but it will require your friends/clanmates to authorize manually.

If I can’t figure out what the issue is and resolve it by the upcoming wipe, I may disable the plugin at the time of the wipe, but I’ll do my best to track it down because it does make life easier.

If the issue occurs and you lose access, I need you to communicate the following:

  1. When it happens. Getting me the near exact time is critical.
  2. Who was authorized on the TC before the incident?
  3. Did everyone lose access to the TC? or just you?
  4. Did anyone who was authorized on the TC add or remove TCs before the incident?
  5. Did anyone who was authorized add/remove friends or clanmates before the incident?

If you can answer these questions, I think it’ll give me a really good chance of getting to the heart of the issue.


The next wipe for Bumfuzzlertopia is today!

The mid-month wipe, as usual, will wipe the map, but leave blueprints and economy in place. Since it’s not a forced wipe, I can better pinpoint the time I’ll be wiping. I expect it will be between 2 and 5 pm EST, but likely closer to 2 pm.


Lootin’ Goods

Nilla needs some love with the loot. Hopefully, this will do it.

I’ve added the following fun items:

  • Canbourine
  • Cowbell
  • Fireworks
  • Jerry Can Guitar
  • Junkyard Drum Kit
  • New Year’s Gong
  • Pan Flute
  • Plumber’s Trumpet
  • Rat mask
  • Shovel Bass
  • Sousaphone
  • Toolgun
  • Wheelbarrow Piano
  • Xylobones

As I mentioned last week when I did the same changes on Bumfuzzlertopia, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep these items on the list. Facepunch has yet to make a decision if they’ll allow modded servers to have these items in their loot or not. So technically, even if they’re DLC material, we can have them for now. This may change in the future. Enjoy them while you can!

I’m debating about duplicating the loot table from Bumfuzzlertopia 1) so it’s easier for me, but 2) because Bumfuzzlertopia is reasonably balanced (as far as I know).

Both Servers

Death Notes

It was time to spruce up messages about your timely demises for quite some time.

Now when you die in-game or do someone or something in, you’ll see a randomized message about the event.

For instance, if you get killed by the Bradley, you’ll see any of the following messages:

  • Bumfuzzler was absolutely shredded by the Bradley.
  • Bumfuzzler was blown to bits by the Bradley.
  • The Bradley ended Bumfuzzler ceremoniously.
  • The Bradley’s armor was too much for Bumfuzzler.
  • The Bradley superiority was too much for Bumfuzzler.

This should hopefully make these events a bit more dynamic and fun.


Changed some minor things regarding loot:

  • Re-added loot bouncer. This should prevent the situation where someone comes along and takes 1 good item out of a barrel and leaves it for the soon-to-be-disappointed-player who finds only crappy items left. The loot bounce should ‘restock’ the barrel or box with new items if anything was taken.
  • Electric igniters are now less common. They were looting up a storm early in the wipe.


There was a performance issue I noticed that got a short term fix.

Placing items would sometimes result in a delay for that item showing up in the world. The item would actually be there, but you couldn’t access it or see it. This is related to a wall-hacking prevention plugin I had running. I temporarily disabled it. I’ll work on that to get it up and running again, but in the meantime, it won’t bother you.


As you know, I really love feedback. I try to always be open and available for anyone who has a suggestion or a report of any kind and I do my very best to fix situations as best I can as fast as I can.

Thing is, anything other than providing me feedback is usually counterproductive. In addition, complaining about something not working is especially counterproductive, especially when knows full well I very available for them to speak with.

The server has a rule (!rules) that is absolutely 100% clear – “Don’t trash server or admins, feedback is appreciated.”

If you are repeatedly broadcasting to the server about how you feel the server sucks or something specifically has ruined the server or that you’re no longer going to play on the server – and you haven’t brought it directly to my attention – you are officially breaking this rule. Please observe this rule. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

This is not directed at any one person since there were multiple people over the last 2-3 wipes I’ve had to talk to.

Thank you to everyone who constantly provides me with constructive feedback and criticism. It really does help me improve the server and all Bumfuzzlers appreciate it.

What’s Coming

Here’s a couple of videos to give you some idea of what’s coming to Rust.

As always, thanks Bumfuzzlers for being so awesome! Have fun out there! 🙂