Hey Bumfuzzlers! This is a major update for the server! Lots of big changes. Team limits rise, new welcome screen welcomes you, Super Skin Combos fully documented, Super Skin Crates emerge, Raid Shield balance for larger teams,  Raidable Base balancing, Independence Day firework display by Fakiee, Zombies grow to larger hordes, Super Bradley and Heli loot improved, skinbox shows more skins, offline doors factor in clans, the upcoming wipe, and much more! Read on!

Team Limits

Bumfuzzlertopia has been a solo/duo/trio server for a couple of years now. Times are changing.

Monkey Clan

“Hey Bumfuzzler, can you raise the limit? I have friends I want to have joined me” or “I can’t play here cause my friends are asking me to play somewhere else. They can’t play here cause it goes over the team limit.”

Well, now hopefully that will be a little easier for friends to play together.

Everything else associated with teaming is the same, the same rules apply, but instead of a trio server, it’s now a Penta server? lol We’ll just say max group 5.

If you’re unsure about the rules, just type !teaming or !rules or just read the next topic below! 🙂


On the heels of that announcement, I want to be a little more specific about teaming.


To do that, I’ve made a slight change in the verbiage surrounding the teaming rules. You can always access these on Bumfuzzlertopia by typing !teaming.

Here’s what it now says after the changes.

More than 5 players working together is not allowed.

This includes: Raiding together, paying another team to raid someone, paying another team for information, sharing resources, sharing bases, sharing access to doors, cupboards, defenses, or leveraging friendly fire.

Working together generally translates into leveraging abilities or strengths for mutual gain. Groups of more than 5 should not leverage their strength for mutual gain.

If you are part of a 3-person clan and you work with another 3-person clan, both clans are being a 6-person clan.

If you are part of a 3-person clan and another player is part of a 3-person clan, while 2 people are working together, it’s still considered 6 due to pooled resources.”

So the idea is, just don’t work together in any way possible and there won’t be any issues.

What is not teaming?

  • Giving new players resources when they join
  • Giving the entire server resources
  • Trading evenly with other players for resources

With this clarification, keep in mind I will be more strict with situations when I find people teaming.

If you have any questions about this let me know.

Welcome Screen

The existing welcome screen that you saw as you joined the servers would sometimes stretch and look bad.

Welcome Screen

So I’ve been working on replacing it with a new version that fixes those issues and gives more benefits.

The new one also gives so much more functionality.

  • It looks sweet with great displays for wipes, packages, etc.
  • It has a wipe countdown
  • It allows you to send links to notes and copy them for use outside Rust
  • so much more as you’ll see

When you join it’ll automatically pop up. Once you close it, you can open it again by typing /info in chat.

It’ll change somewhat as there are changes I want to make, but I think it’s a good place to take a break so I can work on other things.

Super Skin Combos

A few of you had asked about some documentation for Super Skin Combos, but it was a large undertaking.

Super Skin Combos

Finally, I’ve put together a complete guide to this unique, one-of-a-kind plugin only found on Bumfuzzler servers.

There are two pages:

  1. Super Skin Combo Overview
  2. Super Skin Combination Listing

Together they should give you a great understanding of the plugin and various Super Skin Combinations.

Now go find yourself a Super Skin Combo!

Super Skin Crates

Yup, that’s right. I said it. Crates.

Snake Skin

This is going to be a major compliment to both Super Skins and Super Skin Combos, but especially the latter. That’s especially since up to this point combos have been hard to find.

Here’s how Super Skin Crates work

  • Every 1-2 hours a crate will parachute in somewhere on the map
  • The map will show an indicator, a box with a colored circle around it
  • There will be easy, medium, hard, and elite varieties
  • The harder the level, the more NPCs and the more loot
  • The loot will be in a hackable crate
  • The hackable crate will not start to unlock until all NPCs are killed
  • You will have 30 minutes to kill them
  • The crate will take 1 minute to unlock once all NPCs are killed

Here are some pics to illustrate.

Super Skin Crate

The messages above are what you can expect to see when the crate becomes available.

Super Skin Crate

The crate symbol on the map above is what you’ll see when the crate is available. However, note the color of the circle will indicate the difficulty.

  • Easy: Green
    • 6 NPCs
    • 3 Items
  • Medium: Yellow
    • 12 NPCs
    • 6 Items
  • Hard: Blue
    • 18 NPCs
    • 9 Items
  • Elite: Red
    • 24 NPCs
    • 12 Items

Super Skin Crate

Raid Shield

With team limits raised to 5, I felt there needed to be some balancing with the shield.

Raid Shield

After all, the purpose of Raid Shield is to help protect the non-aggressive or lesser aggressive players – especially when they’re solo or duo.

The latest version of Raid Shield will provide penalties based on your team size. This way solo players have the opportunity to charge their shield more often.

  • 1 player: 60 minutes
  • 2 players: 90 minutes
  • 3 players: 120 minutes
  • 4 players: 150 minutes
  • 5 players: 180 minutes

The only exception to this is if you purchase the Raid Shield Boost from the store. Raid Shield Boost gives you twice the charge speed, a total charge of 18 hours instead of 12, it cuts your shield power up time in half, but also doubles your penalties for balancings purposes. This means, if you have Raid Shield Boost and you are the one who gets the penalty, your entire team will be penalized twice as long as usual.

But hey, you’re peaceful right? No worries 🙂 Pick up Raid Shield Boost,  protect your base and support the server!

Hopefully, this will help even the playing field for players who don’t have the muscle and allow us to expand Bumfuzzlertopia to have larger teams and more clans involved.

I can expect to balance this again so please provide feedback.

Raidable Bases

Loot and base positioning is still being adjusted.

Rust Raid

I’ve adjusted the loot upwards again ever so slightly. I’m trying to prevent the loot from being super amazing so that people are farming NPC bases exclusively. However, I want to make it good enough that players feel they are getting something in return for their boom most of the time.

Also, I realize some bases are spawning with the loot underground which makes it impossible to get to it. I’m trying my best to fix this, but it takes time. In trying to ensure bases spawn inland, I have to mess with the height of the bases. It’s a time-consuming process, but once it’s done I think everyone will have a better experience.

I’ve fixed a bunch of bases already based on your feedback which I greatly appreciate.

Thanks to Turd Furgeson and Fakiee for the feedback.

Fakiee Fireworks

On Independence Day Fakiee set up a significant firework display for the server to celebrate!


You can catch the show below! Please make it a point to show your support – like the video and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Thanks, Fakiee for putting on a really fun event. Very cool.

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it, but I was out watching non-Rust fireworks!


I made a couple of tweaks to the Zombies that’ll hopefully liven up the dead.


Here’s what was changed:

  • Zombies weren’t dropping bleach for quests (/q). Now they are.
  • Zombie hordes now grow to 4 zombies per group over time.

Thanks to CrusaderBoiWonder for the feedback.

Just today I saw a group of zombies trying to take down Freddy Krueger. Entertaining!

Bradley Loot

The Super Bradley was lacking in loot for some reason. Gotta love how everything is fine and then poof something changes!


Now it should be much better. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it as time goes by as I can, but it should satisfy for now and not be a waste of High-Velocity Rockets.

Keep in mind the loot is dynamic, so give it a couple of times before making a judgment on it. It should be good 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 times.

I may still

Heli Loot

The Super Heli was also lacking in loot. Doh!

SuperHeli Helicopter

I had to do a lot of futzing with this so it took me a bit longer, but it should be improved.

Just as with the Bradley, keep in mind the loot is dynamic. Give it a couple of go-arounds before making a judgment on it.

Also please give me feedback on it. I tested it so many times that it was making me nuts so I stopped. I defer to you all.

Thanks Fakiee and CrusaderBoiWonder for the feedback.

Player Ranks

There were a couple of false records shown in the player rankings (/pr).


Mostly this was related to the distance of kills and such.

I’ve since fixed them and now they should seem reasonable. Those with the real records should now have them!

Check out what you’re ranked by typing /pr.

Backpack Despawn

The despawn time for corpses on Bumfuzzlertopia is already extended from 5 to 15 minutes.


Backpacks are now set to the same time as corpses.

This should hopefully give you more than enough time to get your loot.

Skin Box

Who doesn’t want more skins to choose from? I know, right?

Player Skins

I expanded /skinbox to show up to 6 pages of skins instead of 3.

This means you’ll have a much larger selection of skins for items like boxes.

Thanks to Fakiee for the feedback.

Outpost Teleport

There’s been an infrequent issue with /otp and /btp that I haven’t been able to duplicate.


Now, thanks to one of you Bumfuzzlers duplicating it is possible.

Turns out if you type /otp, then shoot a weapon, it will tell you you’ve been marked hostile for over 400k hours and it cancels the teleport. Obviously, that isn’t right!

I’ll work on a fix for this, but for now, simply don’t shoot after you type /otp and you’ll teleport just fine. The 400k hour of cooldown seems to go away a few moments after the teleport is canceled so you can try again just after and it should work.

Thanks to Kreeperlink for figuring this out. Nice work!

Offline Doors

At Level 20 (/loyalty) players receive the ability to have doors automatically close when they go offline.

Armored Door

While this is great for solo players, it’s a bit frustrating for clans when someone signs off because all of the doors close. The people remaining online want them to stay open.

To solve that the functionality was changed so that it only closes the doors when the last person in a clan signs off if you are indeed in a clan.

Thanks Fakiee for the feedback.


We have a special wipe coming up on Thursday that doesn’t happen all the time.

Bathroom Stalls

This Thursday is the 5th Thursday of the month and since we wipe every 2 Thursdays, this means we wipe on the 5th Friday and have a short 1-week cycle before wiping again on the 1st Thursday of the month when Facebook drops their patch.

I expect to wipe a bit earlier than normal – probably between 1 and 2 pm EST.

Bumfuzzlernilla will wipe Saturday morning as part of the weekly wipe.

Thanks as always to all the supporters and loyal players. I couldn’t appreciate you and your feedback more. Please continue sending things my way.

Here’s a couple of videos to keep you updated on Rust goings-on and what we might expect from Facepunch and Rust in the near future.