Hey Bumfuzzlers! I’ve added noob animal protection, changed defensive item stacking, survey charge availability, weapon attachment loot, gather rates, scrap amounts, safe zone vending machines, hopefully, fixed backpacks being lost, for now, created monument zones to prevent quarry takeovers, and we have a wipe today to break up our 5-Thursday month! Read on!

Cuddly Animals

As you might have realized, I’ve been trying to ease new players into Bumfuzzlertopia.


I truly believe that once a player spends a bit of time on the server, they’ll become a regular as they’ll realize the unique gameplay. To add to what I’ve already done, I’ll now be attempting to prevent the unfortunate death from a bear or wolf 3 seconds after waking up to the world for the first time.

Now, up to level 5 (/loyalty) players will not be attacked by animals unless they attack first.

This will hopefully help keep new players around so they can realize the server is their new favorite Rust server 🙂


I’ve explained the boundaries of the trio group limits in previous posts so I won’t do it again, but…

Monkey Clan

I will reference my last post about it which you can find here.

Please read it to understand fully and ask if you have questions. It is very reasonable.

The reasons for these rules are to ensure players who are solo or duo and even sometimes trio can play on the server effectively and have fun doing it. If there are multiple groups working together, giving each other raiding materials or even any materials to help others gang up, that’s like having groups of 4, 5, even 6 or more against a single player or two. It’s just not possible for a solo or duo set up to survive and it’s just not fair.

I recognize that players have feuds and sometimes collectively, players may not like another player, but that’s irrelevant. If you want to complain about that player fine. If you want to take them on yourself or with your crew – fine, but working together with others against that player or players violates the trio group limit.


A few items weren’t stacking which might cause some discomfort in your inventory.

Brick Wall

So I’ve changed the following items to stack to 256:

  • Auto Turrets
  • Flame Turrets
  • SAM Sites
  • Shotgun Traps
  • Bear Traps

Thanks to Gravy for the feedback.

Quarry Quality

A while back, you’d be able to press USE over a crater made by a Survey Charge to see what you’ll get if you placed a Quarry there.

Mining Quarry

That functionality was scrapped in favor of the perk players get at Level 18 (/loyalty). Now all you have to do is look at the ground and type /getdeposit. You’ll automatically get information about what minerals you can find in that spot. Once you find your spot, just toss your survey charge and place your quarry

With the ability to check without needing a survey charge, I’ve lessened the number of survey charges in the loot.

If you find that you like the old method better, let me know. I’ll consider re-implementing it. I was just trying to consolidate plugins for better performance.

Thanks for the feedback Chaos.

Loot Updates

I made a few tweaks to the loot tables.

Loot Treasure

With the new silencer functionality – where it suppresses death messages to conceal your location –  I decided to look over weapon attachments in the loot. That led me to other things.

Starting with weapon attachments, I made the following changes:

  • Attachments will no longer be found in barrels
  • Added the 16x Scope to the loot
  • I’ve added a mixture of attachment blueprints and attachments to loot

Thanks to Chaos for the feedback.


In a constant battle to balance gathering and such.


In Rust, I find for many players, grinding a little bit at the beginning is a thrill. Unfortunately, it feels a lot of that is missing and I’ve been trying to balance that for a while now without going too low.

This time, I’ve lowed the level multiplier a little and the night multiplier even less.

Chances are you won’t notice, but just tossing it out there for feedback’s sake.

Scrap Amounts

Scrap has been at high levels in the loot for quite some time.

Scrap Pile

I’ve gone ahead and lowered the amounts you’ll find in loot just a little bit.

Recycling blueprints for scrap hasn’t changed and after the recent changes to the safe zones, you can now trade certain items for scrap as well.

This is an attempt to make the search for blueprints take a little longer and to slow the buy of big-ticket items from the Outpost and Bandit Camp.

Again, as always, your feedback is appreciated.

Safe Zone Vending

With the changes to the Outpost and Bandit Camp vending machines, some attachments are harder to find.

Smokey and the Bandit

So in addition to placing attachments in the loot, I changed around the vending machines at the safe zones a little bit. This does mean I had to remove some of the weapons to make room though.

This probably is a two-fold solution since I’m thinking the weapons are way too easy to get now. I’m all for the 2nd amendment and PVP, but certain items should be found in loot to be appreciated.

At the Outpost:

  • Flashlight attachment replaces the Revolver
  • Lasersight replaces the Custom SMG
  • Silencer replaces the Thompson
  • Holosight replaces the Semi-Automatic Pistol

At the Bandit Camp:

  • Silencer attachment replaces the M39 Rifle
  • Simple Handmade Sight replaces the M92 Pistol
  • 8x Zoom Scope replaces the SPAS Shotgun
  • 16x Zoom Scope replaces the Grenade Launcher
  • Removed M249
  • Raised prices of Lr-300 and L96 from 1,000 to 1,250 scrap

I’ve ensured the M39 Rifle, M92 Pistol, SPAS Shotgun, Grenade Launcher (and grenade ammo) exist in the Elite crates, and of course, they’re already part of the Bradley and SuperHeli loot.

Hopefully, these swaps work out by making the attachments available while making some weapons a little more coveted and important.


There have been a couple of players who lost their backpacks. Typically this has been happening on death where the backpack disappears into the ground and can’t be reached.


This appears to be something happening beyond the Bumfuzzlertopia servers and others have been unable to fix it also. It may very well be a Rust / Facepunch issue. I’m unsure.

Regardless, I’ve taken steps to put in place a short term solution that, I’m not a fan of, but may solve the immediate problem until a solution can be found.

Now, when you die, your backpack will hover above the ground, along with any items you dropped during your death, and yes, as corny as it sounds, they will spin lol Reminds me of Quake 3, but hey, beats losing your hard-earned loot.

Please let me know if any of you have backpack issues.

Thanks to Salty Devil Dog for the feedback.

Back Warp

For those of you who are Warp Masters, you’re getting back a powerful tool.


For a while the /tpb command, a command that will automatically teleport you back to wherever you teleported from, was broken.

Now it’s fixed so those of you who have the Warp Master package, available in the store, can use it again!

If you haven’t experienced the Warp Master package, I encourage you to check it out. It’s a great way to support the server and get some extra goodies to help your wipe!

If teleporting around isn’t your thing, you can find packages for horse riders, minicopter fliers or even people who love to dress up for Halloween 🙂

Quarry Zones

A few of you have pointed out that players are walling off quarries to prevent access.


To combat this, I’ve implemented something I’m hoping will fix the issue.

Now, all quarries will have zones automatically placed around them, with a widened radius of 50 meters to prevent building around them. Hopefully that does the trick.

This will require a bit of tweaking I’m sure since I have to find the right radius so your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks to Jeebus for the feedback.

Timely Wipe

This month gives us 5 Thursdays so it creates a 3-week wipe at the end of the month.


Because of that, I’m going to do a map wipe today to make the last week of the month more interesting. Then we’ll wipe again on 8/6 when the next patch comes out.

You can expect the wipe to take place between 2 pm EST and 4 pm EST. I’ll communicate in Discord.

As always Bumfuzzlers, please continue giving me feedback! It’s very helpful as it keeps the servers operating at it’s best! Keep having fun out there! Thanks for making Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla your favorite Rust Servers!