Hey Bumfuzzlers! Elevators get a kick, major loot changes for Bumfuzzlertopia, Super Skin availability, loyalty workbench features, Halloween has passed already, Weapon Evolution is back on track, tweaks to Raid Bases on Bumfuzzlernilla, website changes, upcoming wipes, and more! Read on!

Workbench Freedom

Sometimes workbench leashes can be a drag. It’s time to finally do something about it.


On Bumfuzzlertopia, starting at Level 15 (/loyalty), you can craft anywhere within your base instead of having to be near your workbench.

So much for being tethered to that dang thing!

Happy Halloween

To all you Bumfuzzlers, I hope you had a Happy belated Halloween!


The world isn’t what it was a year ago with so many people huddled up inside wrapped in masks and COVID statistics, but hope you had fun nonetheless. In my town, it was required that you register with the town if you were going to put out candy. What a joke.

I hope you all find an excuse to enjoy family and friends on a day that’s meant to be fun and carefree.

If you didn’t celebrate Halloween, I hope you had fun playing Rust!

Raidable Bases

On Bumfuzzlernilla, we’re still testing out Raidable Bases.

Rust Raid

I’ve been balancing the loot for a while now, and just recently boosted it. I couldn’t really do that before since the new 3 x non-Zlevel setup has just been taking hold.

You should now find that Tool Cupboards will drop goodies and there’s a bit of a bump in other items.

This will continue to balance over time, but give me feedback if you have it.

Thanks Kitty for your feedback.

Election Day

As you know, election day in the United States is tomorrow. ‘Merica!


If you’re an American, whoever you vote for, please vote. And if you didn’t register to vote, shame on you!

Register to vote when you can so you’re ready for the next election! Participate!

Hopefully, Election Day goes well and there’s no confusion as to who wins!

Bumfuzzlertopia Loot

The loot tables on Bumfuzzlertopia have been extremely custom for a long time now.

Overpacked Motorcycle

And it’s worked alright, mostly, but it’s just difficult to manage for me since it’s never quite right. It’s very difficult to customize the loot and balance it perfectly – especially as new items and systems emerge. They have people at Facepunch doing that full-time.

So, on Bumfuzzlertopia, just after this last wipe, I reset the loot to Facepunch defaults and then multiplied it by 3 times. This is how Bumfuzzlernilla’s loot works, but the loot there is set to 2 times.

We’ll see if this needs adjustment. I may change it to 2 times like Bumfuzzlernilla at the next wipe. We’ll see. I need feedback from you.

So here’s what will change:

  • Items may not be found in the same places
  • Some items might be rarer than they were
  • Some items might be less rare than they were
  • DLC related items will not be found in the loot
  • You’ll see items in groups of 3 in some cases

As a result what you’ll find is probably a higher concentration of good useable loot due to fewer surfboards, fireworks, and tubas so I expect this will be appreciated.

Hopefully, this will make the loot more balanced and dynamic.

Nilla Death Notes

Before I make changes I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the poll I’ve set up in Discord.

Rust Player Obituary

In order to move closer to the Vanilla feel on Bumfuzzlernilla, I’m considering disabling Death Notes, the plugin that announces kills.

To put your opinion on the matter, check out the polls area in our Discord and get your vote in.

I’ll make a decision in the next couple of weeks based on what you Bumfuzzlers think.

Not sure it helps you decide, but remember, you can put on a silencer to silence the Death Notes if you want! For secret missions 😉

Super Skin Availability

With the loot change, I also made some changes to the way Super Skins are put out into the world.

Player Skins

Not only should this make Super Skins more available, but it will hopefully improve performance.

On Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzlernilla, I’ve completely redesigned the way Super Skins are delivered out into the world. This has allowed me to disable two separate plugins, one of which was constantly giving me issues. This I’m hoping should greatly improve performance and reliability.

In addition, I’ve made Super Skins far more common by giving Super Skins equal weight with the default skins. Before you might have had the default skin or some other non-Super Skin skin spawning 60% of the time while all the Super Skins fought for that remaining 40%. Now Super Skins and the default skin share the percentage completely. For instance, if there are 3 Super Skins and 1 default skin, you’ll have a 75% chance of getting a Super Skin.

Elevator Electricity

If you own the Electrical Dream package, your elevators will be magical.

Here’s what changed:

  • You won’t need electricity for elevators at all. Your elevators will simply work on magic unicorn rays of love!
  • Plus that, you’ll have counters placed automatically on every stop to tell you what floor you’re on.

These perks are in addition to two kits of circuitry goodness that come with the Electrical Dream package.

Check out the Electrical Dream package in the store to get goodies and support the server!

More on elevators below.

Weapon Evolution

There was an issue that would cause weapons not to register kills. Without that, how would Weapon Evolution work?


For those who don’t know, Weapon Evolution registers kills for individual weapons and when that weapon gets a certain amount of kills, it evolves to a more powerful one.

The issue was when you started with a weapon that had a skin other than the default, the gun, regardless of what you killed, would not register kills and therefore not evolve.

Now that issue is resolved so regardless of what skin you have unless it’s at the highest level to evolve to, it should register kills.

Thanks for the feedback and testing WaterFountain

Packet Flood Errors

Players have had these errors, including myself, from time to time ever since Facepunch put in place anti-DDOS measures.

Windows Blue Screen

The error occurs when the player sends lots of RPC messages. Facepunch created a mechanism that will automatically kick players it detects doing this because it’s symptomatic of someone trying to take down a server by flooding it with data. Unfortunately, this issue can occur if you have something wrong with your Rust client or if there’s something wrong with Rust itself.

This time, there were a couple of players experiencing the Packet Flood errors causing them to be kicked when using boats, minicopters, and other items so it was easily reproducible. This was very helpful.  Turns out it was an issue with the Rust Halloween patch.

They released a couple of updates afterward and when applied, the issues were magically gone. I like that magic.

Thanks to Doctor Who and Osmosis Jones for helping me narrow it down.


On Bumfuzzlernilla I’ve disabled the fireworks event for now.


A few players reported that the firework displays were causing performance issues for them so I decided to disable the plugin on Bumfuzzlernilla.

I’d like to rewrite the plugin to be more performance friendly, but also avoid exploding fireworks on the ground. Unfortunately right now controlling the placement or amount of fireworks isn’t possible due to the way the plugin is configured.

Thanks FREEDOMKOBRA, Gravy, and kungfoozball for the feedback.

Elevator Loyalty

With the release of Elevators, we made the change from the old plugin-based feature. Now it’s time to make the new stuff flexible.


For those of you who earn your Loyalty (/loyalty) as you move up in levels, you’ll get more and more elevator goodness.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Level 16: Elevators have 10 max floors
  • Level 21: Elevators show floor numbers using counters
  • Level 23: Elevators have 15 max floors
  • Level 24: Elevators move 2 times faster
  • Level 26: Elevators move 4 times faster

So once you reach level 26 (/loyalty), you’ll be able to build elevators up to a max of 15 floors, they’ll be 4 times faster, and you’ll see counters on every floor to indicate what floor you’re on!

Haunted House

For some reason, the boxes inside the Haunted House weren’t stocked with loot. How are players supposed to trick or treat on Halloween?!


I’ve since fixed that. When the clock strikes midnight and the ghosts are howling, I’d suggest you get in and out quickly before the ghosts come 🙂

Happy belated Halloween!

Thanks Shloshed for the feedback

Website Updates

I’ve done some work on the website to ensure Bumfuzzlernilla is taken care of.


Here’s some of what I’ve done:

  • The subscribe page was updated to apply to all servers
  • The vote page was updated to apply to all servers
  • I’ve replaced the plugins page with a general servers page
  • I’ve added two server subpages, one for each server

This will give Bumfuzzlernilla the voice that it deserves and a place for players to get the information they need.

Bumfuzzlernilla Voting

Now you can vote for Bumfuzzlernilla and get rewards just like Bumfuzzlertopia.


It works the same way, but you’ll just have to vote for Bumfuzzlernilla of course.

  • Go to the Vote page or click Vote in the menu at www.bumfuzzler.net
  • Follow instructions to vote
  • In-game, type /claim 
  • Get rewarded with goodies

Rewards will be scrap, plus various teas.

At first, you’ll only get some, but eventually, after you vote for 25, 50, and 100 times, you’ll get more teas and scrap.

Enjoy making Bumfuzzlernilla your #1 Rust server!

Upcoming Wipes

On Thursday, Bumfuzzlernilla and Bumfuzzlertopia will both be wiping.


They will both wipe the map, blueprints and economy (where applicable) as the latest Rust patch is delivered by Facepunch. Typically they release the patch around 3 – 4 PM EST so that’s when the wipe will happen.

Bumfuzzlernilla will skip that first Saturday after and continue it weekly wipes the following Saturday.

Thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers out there for all the feedback and support. I really appreciate it. Keep on banging those rocks and having fun out there!

Here’s a bit on what’s coming down the road with the next Rust patch.