Hey Bumfuzzlers! We’ve got a lot of meat to this post. The Bunny Ranch is here for Easter, we now have deathmatch arenas and zombie survival mini-games, custom monument cameras, computer station auto-adding cameras, camera rotation, Gallop King Package improvements, Group Limit enhancements, loot & stacking adjustments, chat improvements & various fixes. Also, there’s a special explanation for fishing! Read on for the full details!

Hillary Beef

A few of you have suggested the Hillary House kits were a bit on the weak side.

Hillary Clinton

Well, I’ve slightly beefed one of the kits up. Hopefully, it’s a bit more useful.

Thanks for the feedback Autobot161

Stacks n’ Stacks

Facepunch added a few new items to Rust so we have to make sure they stack!

Brick Wall

The following items will now stack to reasonable levels.

  • Composter
  • Computer Station
  • Fertilizer
  • Fluid Splitter
  • Fluid Switch & Pump
  • Hose Tool
  • Nest Hat
  • Plant Fiber
  • Potato
  • Potato Clone
  • Potato Seed
  • Sprinkler

In addition, on Bumfuzzlernilla, I made the following changes:

  • Resources now stack to 2,500
  • Bullets stack to 128
  • Wire Tool and Hose Tool stack to 100
  • Miscellaneous other stackings

Thanks to ATaXiA for feedback.


Sometimes there are just too many plugins to test and you don’t realize something ain’t workin’ till someone tells ya 🙂


Now drawbridges work. Just type /bridge.help for more info.

Note that the electrical capabilities are currently a test feature. It does not save the wire connection to the controller on restarts or if you rotate the bridge.

Thanks to Chaos for the feedback

Early Raiding

The topic was raised about early raiding in Rust so what the heck. Let’s do a poll!

Rust Raid

I’ve put up a poll in Discord to get opinions. A while back I used to block raiding materials for the first day of the wipe, but I disabled it since some players didn’t like it. I’m game to revisit. You all tell me what you think.
Some people don’t like early raiding. What do you think?
  • :regional_indicator_a: Block raiding materials for 1st day of wipe
  • :regional_indicator_b: Block raiding materials for 1st 2 days of wipe
  • :regional_indicator_c: Don’t block anything, let people raid
You can cast your vote in the polls channel in the Discord. So far C is pretty far in the lead.
Thanks ShadowGod for the suggestion.


Trade has been limited to 2 items since I expanded the Trade functionality.


Now, I’ve expanded it to allow up to 12 items. You want to trade, now you can.

Thanks to Chaos for the feedback.

Bunny Ranch

The Easter season is here and with it returns the Bunny Ranch for the month of April and the Easter Bunny himself.

Easter Bunny

The Bunny Ranch is a custom monument that’ll give you a kit (/kit) if you get close, but in order to get close to the Bunny Ranch, you’re going to have to fight the Easter Bunny himself!

Be careful though, he’s not alone. The Bunny Thugs are protecting the Bunny Ranch too! No chocolate eggs for you!

Good luck. It’s a vile, nasty rodent with big pointy teeth! (Cannonfodder will get this bunny reference)

Mini-Game Arenas

Now we have some mini-game arenas for a little escape from our Rust escapes.

Arena Menu
Now you can type /arena and have your choice between a few different game modes taking place in a variety of arenas.

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch Sniper Battle
  • Zombie Survival

For the Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Sniper Battle arenas you’ll spawn directly into custom bases made specifically for the events. Zombie Survival takes place in outdoor arenas where waves and waves of zombies come one after you and your friends! It’s pretty intense.

You don’t need to bring anything and you don’t have to strip down to join. It’ll spawn you into the arena and then spawn you out when you leave the arena retaining all the inventory you had when you joined in, placing you back where you were. In some game modes, you can choose your own class complete with weapons and anything else you’ll need, in others you may get a single kit that provides you with everything you need for the arenas.

Arena Stats

You even have full statistics so you can see where you fall on the leaderboards. Type /stats

Arena Base

Here’s part of the arenas for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Thanks to CannonFodder for the initial build on the arena base! It’s a really great base setup!

Arena Base

This is what the Sniper Battle arena looks like. Both teams start at either side and fire back and forth from cover. If you want to, you can jump out and attack from outside.

So far, in testing, everyone has had a lot of fun. This is a great addition to the server and a nice break from the grind as well as a wonderful way to practice those PVP skills in a way that’s both fun and without penalty.

I would highly recommend you give it a shot. It’s great fun! And if you win, you get $25! lol

Also, since the initial release, there were a couple of fixes:

  • Zombie kills are now recorded in /stats
  • DeathNotes are suppressed so they don’t bother the rest of the server
  • No longer steal money from other players in zombie survival

If I’m on the server, please invite me to a game! I don’t get to play Rust much, but I’ll play a few rounds in arenas.

Gallop King

Last week I announced the Gallop King package which makes Rust life easier with horse goodies.

Player Riding Horse

It comes with saddlebags, horseshoes, armor and the ability to spawn your own horse!

I’ve now expanded it and made a slight change.

  • The cooldown for spawning a horse is now 10 minutes.
  • Now horses stop automatically when you jump off instead of the way it is now how they continue to run on. This makes it much easier to gather loot from the roadside.

It’s a cool package to get if you want to get around on horseback and a great way to support the server! Get over to the store and check it out!

NightDay Cooldown

Night and day purchased seem to still be a bit much. Some nights people are buying it left and right.

Torch light

I’ve changed the cooldown in the in-game store (/s) from 2 hours to 4 hours. I can see every once in a while people buying night or day, but to be able to do it so regularly may frustrate other players on the server.

I’ll watch it to see if it needs to be adjusted up or down. Feedback, of course, is appreciated.

Cameras Explode

It’s about time you sneaky Bumfuzzlers were able to watch the custom Rust monuments.

Security Camera

Now you have access to various cameras that you can use at your Computer Station.

  • Trump Tower – TRUMP01 through TRUMP07
  • Southern Border – BORDER01 and BORDER02
  • Hillary House – HILLARY01 through HILLARY05
  • Democrat HQ – DEMHQ01 through DEMHQ06

A couple of the Trump Tower cameras will even give you access to see inside! 🙂

I can’t promise every camera will be online each wipe, but if you try adding them all, you’ll certainly find the majority of them will be available.

Station Auto-add

It’s so annoying entering name after name into Computer Stations for cameras. Something must be done!

Computer Station

Now you can easily just type a command to add cameras to your Computer Stations!

If you type /cctv add custom while looking at a computer station it will automatically add all of the custom monument cameras I mentioned above.

If you type /cctv autoadd custom, every computer station you place will automatically have all of the custom monuments, plus the Facepunch cameras added automatically! /cctv autoadd me will automatically add your cameras too.

Here is a list of the other related commands:

  • /cctv help – Show help information in console
  • /cctv status <me | server | custom> – Show a list of all cameras (in selected category) in console
  • /cctv add <me | server | custom> – Add cameras in selected category to the computer station you’re currently looking at
  • /cctv clear – Clears cameras from the computer station you’re currently looking at
  • /cctv rename <Camera ID> <New Name> – Rename a camera identifier remotely
  • /cctv autoname <on | off > – Automatically names cameras as they are placed
  • /cctv autoadd <on | off | me | server | custom> – Automatically adds cameras to the computer station when placed
  • /cctv about – Show information about plugin

This should make security around the ol’ base a little bit easier! I’ll consider adding cameras to the new arenas.

Camera Rotation

I’m not sure why Facepunch put in Security Cameras in Rust that don’t rotate. It doesn’t seem very useful.

Security Camera

Well, now we have it! All you have to do is reach Warhorse Level 14 (/loyalty) and you’ll be able to rotate cameras using WASD when accessing them!

Now that’ll be extremely useful when checking those corners. Rust improved!

Nilla Loot

I’ve added some of the new items Facepunch added to Rust to the loot on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Loot Treasure

The following items are now in the loot:

  • Composter
  • Fluid Splitter
  • Fluid Switch & Pump
  • Sprinkler

Chatnilla Improvements

There are some perks I can add to Bumfuzzlernilla without spoiling the vanilla lifestyle.

Rotary Phone

The following should improve communication:

  • The chat is greatly improved with colors and player avatars.
  • You can now @mention players and they’ll receive a notification sound
    • Example: Hey @Bumfuzzler, where can I find a Boonie hat?

Bumfuzzler Censor

Sometimes I’m unsure why some words are filtered, other times I get it.

Curse Filter

I was surprised to find the word ‘duck’ was filtered. Well? No more! Now you can you all duck yourselves if you want lol

Also, I resolved the issue on Bumfuzzlernilla where the censor simply wasn’t working.

Thanks to Talzin for recognizing duck was filtered and thanks to ATaXiA for alerting me it didn’t work on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Selling Diggers

Sometimes everyone makes mistakes. Even me!


The Magma Dig 2x Stone Pickaxe couldn’t be sold in the store because I made a typo.

Now you can!

Thanks to Cannonfodder for finding this issue.

Catching Fish

There’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.


In this case, you can choose lol

A conversation with a Bumfuzzler recently made me realize there are some aspects of fishing I might not have disclosed. So I’ve updated Earl to make sure he explains.

You can fish with weapons or with a fishing pole.

If you fish with weapons, you’ll want to use a Wooden Spear or a Bow. However, that gives you a 10% chance of catching a fish. If you fish using a Stone Spear, Crossbow or Compound Bow, you’ll get a 10% bonus – in other words, you’ll have a 20% chance of catching a fish.

However, the bonuses don’t stop there.

If you fish while wearing a Boonie Hat? You get another 10% bonus. Have a Pookie Bear in your inventory? You get ANOTHER 10% bonus. If you then fish between the hours of 6 and 8 (sunrise) or 16 and 19 (sunset), you’ll get another 10% bonus.

In other words, if you fish with a Stone Spear, wearing a Boonie Hat with a Pookie Bear in your inventory at 7am, you’ll have a 50% chance of catching a Happis River Bluefish!

But that’s not it! There’s more! (Informercial approach is coming)

YOU, YES YOU, can craft your very own fishing pole!

Simply hold a spear, type /makepole to make the fishing pole, then type /castpole to cast it out.

Group Limits

I’ve updated the group limit plugin with a slight, but important change.

Monkey Clan

A limit of 3 players is still being imposed on Tool Cupboards, but now, if a base is decaying, the limit will not be imposed. This way if someone raises a base that’s been sitting around, they can more easily take it over.


The next wipe way into the distance due to April being a 5 Thursday month. It’s not until May 7!


I am considering a server map wipe on 4/30 because IMO, Bumfuzzlertopia just isn’t made for 3-week wipe cycles.

The server wipe, on May 7th, will have a new Rust patch from Facepunch, but I don’t know exactly what will be in it yet. I wonder if they’ll have some of the smart devices shown in the video below. Sounds like a companion mobile app is coming!

I hope you enjoy the Bunny Ranch, deathmatch arenas and zombie survival mini-games, all the camera enhancements, Group Limit expansion, and all the other goodies!

Have fun out there Bumfuzzlers and as always keep that feedback flowing. I really appreciate you making Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla your favorite Rust Server!