Hey Bumfuzzlers! Got some great stuff for you in this installment! We’ve got changes to how airdrops get to you, a new game arcade monument, super skin dodging adjustments, no more crappy left behind loot in boxes, duelist gets incendiary, the website store goes secure, stacking gets tweaks, building size limits increase, the excavator multipliers get a changeup and the middle-month wipe cometh! Let’s get started! 🙂

Duelist (Bumfuzzlertopia)

What’s great about duelist (/duel) is that you can get PVP practice without losing your life or your inventory.

Thanks to ExVeemon for asking me to add an MP5 with incendiary ammo loadout. I said heck yeah 🙂

For some reason the Waterpipe Nail Gun combo ExVeemon asked me previously didn’t add properly, but that should be fixed now.

I’m always up for adding new and interesting kits for Bumfuzzlers to duel with. If you have any ideas, throw them my way!

Building Size (Bumfuzzlertopia)

We’ve long restricted building sizes to keep things sane. However,…

I’ve gone and raised the potential for building size by 33%. Enjoy creating monstrosities!

Secure Store

I finally got around to addressing the website store’s security.

I’ve enabled SSL so buying kits, packages and loyalty are now more secure than ever!

Currently, there’s a sale, which will end on September 1st, on loyalty and the warp master package!

Loyalty points are forever and unlock tons of abilities. Warp Master is a temporary buff that gives you more homes, ability to teleport to grids and a quick teleport back command! Your purchase goes directly to supporting the server and is much appreciated.

You can access the store here!

Web Design

Slowly, but surely I’m working on new web design for Bumfuzzler.net

My goal is to make it pretty, faster and more findable on Google, but also just change it up a bit. It’ll take some tinkering, but it’ll get there!

If something doesn’t work, or if it’s missing, let me know.

P.S. – The right sidebar is now a collapsible slide-out menu. The links for Livemap, Discord and such are still there.

Airdrops (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Gotta love airdrops! The nacho delivery is real! I made a couple of interesting changes.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I’ve lowered the airdrop crate air resistance by 20% so airdrops fall a little faster.
  • I’ve lowered plane speed by13% so it takes a little more time for the plane to drop.

This is an intriguing change since it will allow players to more easily follow a plane to its drop off, but then it will allow players to get the drops faster. Curious the outcome!

Thanks for the suggestion to change the drop speed AfricanBoogaloo.

Dodging (Bumfuzzlertopia)

I put up a poll to see what others think about the dodging element of special clothes. The setup created the possibility of players obtaining nearly 50% dodge if they play their cards right.

The poll results seem fairly wise, suggesting dodge should be lowered just a little somewhere in between 25% and where it is now and with that, I’ve settled on 35%. To get that 35% you’ll have to find 7 super rare clothing items and that may be challenging to do.

Thanks to ExVeemon and Howdy for the suggestion to create a poll to get opinions.

Stacking (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Unfortunately, I had to mess with stacking a bit this go around to fend off an exploit.

I changed the following:

  • Nearly all items with health bars will no longer stack.
  • Any items that have special skin perks will no longer stack.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but I have no other way to stop the exploit. I’ll be looking into it and I’m sure something will come up. Thanks to CannonFodder for passing along the info.

I was also able to head off another weird issue where crafting items would stack and potentially give you a fraction of what you crafted. For instance, crafting 6 AKs would give you 4 AKs. All good now.  Thanks to Alexandrio CrazyEyes NoC for reporting the issue.

Loot (Bumfuzzlertopia)

I’ve gone ahead and made a few changes to the loot tables.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I’ve removed items like melee weapons from elite crates to increase chances of better items
  • I’ve replaced ladder blueprint with the ladder item in all areas
  • Ladders, as items, now exist in regular crates, military crates, and underwater advanced crates
  • Added ladder hatch to advanced underwater
  • Added the Barrel Costume so you can hide in plain sight. Just duck! 🙂
  • Added the Glow Eyes so you can look like a zambie
  • Loot will now refresh if someone leaves items in crates and barrels

This last one should be nice. Too many times players will leave lesser items in barrels and crates that they don’t want. Now after a bit of time, those loot containers will refresh so you don’t waste your time on what they left behind.

Thanks ExVeemon and Kirito for feedback

Excavator (Bumfuzzlertopia)

Originally I boosted the Excavator and added diesel fuel, to be available quite frequently, to the oil barrels. I’ve gone ahead and changed direction on that after I saw the resources coming out of that thing.

I’ve now lowered the Excavator multiplier from 3 to 1 during the day and then at upped it to 1.25 during the night.

I’ve left the diesel fuel in the oil barrels but upped the rarity. A much more reliable source will likely be the Junkyard, Oil rigs and at the top of the Dome. In the future, I may add the ability to trade low-grade fuel for Diesel at the outpost and up the availability in oil barrels, but we’ll see.

Either way, none of that matters much this wipe since the damn thing kept running as something was wrong with the thing’s fuel tank. I’m sure the next wipe will solve that.

Game Arcade (Bumfuzzlertopia)

For a little fun, I’ve added a new monument!

The Game Arcade is a safe zone where all you Bumfuzzlers can go to compete for the highest Chippy score!

Just look on your map (press G) for the shop indicator for it!

Great idea by ExVeemon! Thanks!


Many of you Bumfuzzlers are passionate about the server and that’s appreciated.  You frequently ask me what you can do to help bring people to the server.

Here’s a couple of very easy ways you can help:

Just in case you ever lose these links, I’ve created a Discord channel called Promotion where items like this will be posted for reference.

I’m also going to be working on a referral program where each wipe players get rewards for referring other players.

Wipe (Bumfuzzlertopia)

The day approaches where all you Bumfuzzlers have a fresh start!

This Thursday, the 15th, the map will be wiping. Economy and Blueprints will stay as is customary for the second wipe of the month. I’ll try to do the deed sometime in the afternoon, but if it gets busy at work, I won’t be able to do it until 7:30 – 8 pm EST. I’ll try my best!

As always I’m glad to see all you Bumfuzzlers having fun and enjoying your time on the server. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I truly appreciate it. Game on!