Hey Bumfuzzlers! I haven’t posted in a while so this is a biggy. I’m making some changes this wipe that you’ll want to know about, but I also want to make sure you know about changes that have happened over the last couple of weeks. Decay increases, building limit removal, safe zone hostility reduction, Jason and Freddy tweaks, raidable base improvements, raid block blocks, changes to weapon evolution, super skin combos, authorization, corpse time, the wipe and so much more! Read on!

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and your New Year is going strong!

New Year's Day

I hope 2021 is filled with nothing but the best for you all! Have an amazing and prosperous year!

Thank you all for the support throughout 2020. I have the best bunch of Bumfuzzlers of any Rust servers out there!

So many of you have been instrumental in supporting the server that I don’t want to try to list you all for fear I’ll forget someone, but you know damn well who you are and I have thanked you personally many times. You’ve all been instrumental in making the server what it is. Thank you.

Base Decay

We had a poll in Discord a few weeks ago where we discussed changing some settings regarding resources.

Decayed Home

One of the options voted on was about increasing the decay.

The decay upkeep was set to 4,320 minutes which is 3 days. This means that the upkeep cost will be used over the course of 3 days. This wipe, I’ll be changing this to 2,880 minutes which is 2 days. It’s not a massive change, but in effect, it’s increases decay by roughly 30%. This is still double the decay settings that exist in default Rust.

Christmas Presents

Santa comes all year round on Bumfuzzlertopia.

Presents in Shopping Cart

Thing is, the presents Santa drops can help other players know you’re online in your base or where you were just earlier.

Disabling the presents didn’t work since that stopped them from spawning under Christmas trees. So, I’ve shrunk the radius for where they spawn from 25m to 0.1m away from the player.

This should ensure presents spawn very close to the player so, if you’re in your base, presents spawn right next to you and not outside the base for other players to see. They might even look like they come out of your Bumfuzzler 🙂

Thanks to Evil Deeds for the feedback.

Calling the Heli

The /callheli command calls the SuperHeli and it’s available for players who’ve earned loyalty (/loyalty) levels.


You’ll get this ability at Level 17, and the number of times you can call it goes up at Level 23 and then again at Level 27.

Thing is, it wasn’t dropping loot. Now I’ve fixed it so it does.

Keep in mind it’s not the same loot as if you take down the SuperHeli in the wild or if you buy it from the store (/s). You can expect a bit fewer and different items. Matching them up will be too difficult so it is what it is for now. I can adjust it in the future.

Thanks to CookieMonster, Autobot and others for the feedback. Sorry, it took so long to fix this one.

Vote for Nilla

For a while, voting wasn’t working on Bumfuzzlernilla, but I couldn’t figure it out lol


Turns out on the voting website, they showed the API key without any indication it had to be preceded by what appears to be the Server ID. I finally noticed it when doing file compares against Bumfuzzlertopia.

Now, you can get rewards for voting on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Either type /vote in-game for instructions or go to the website and vote from there. Once you vote, type /claim in-game and you’ll get goodies.

Keep in mind, the more you vote, the more you get! The rewards increase over time!

Thanks Hurican for the feedback.

Turbo Charges

Originally, as per the poll in Discord, I was going to disable turbo (/turbo), except for when killing animals.

HotRod Dragster

Turbo is a feature that allows you to get boosts when gathering which also triggered automatically when killing animals and players almost like an adrenaline rush. The amount of Turbo would also increase at Level 23 and Level 25 (/loyalty).

Lately, it’s been very buggy so, not as originally planned, I’m going to disable it completely for now.

I may bring it back in the future to give players that boost of adrenaline after those boar battles, but for now, I think I’ll keep things simple.

There are so many situations where the gathering is boosted, I really don’t think it’s necessary to have this additional boost, but I think it’s fun which is why I’ve always kept it. Maybe if I bring it back, I’ll make it turn on for animal and player kills, but I’ll lower what it gives you.

Weapon Evolution

It’s always fun to upgrade weapons by killing chickens, but it wasn’t much fun on Bumfuzzlernilla.


It wasn’t working at all. Now it’s set and working again nicely.

On another note, it appears there is an issue where if you find the highest level weapon out in the wild, it may downgrade it after a few kills. This is something I’m working on, but I cannot duplicate it. If you can duplicate it, please let me know the weapon you started out with, the name of it, and how many kills you had to get. If you don’t know just guess.

Thanks to CaramelApple for the feedback.

Building Limits

I’ve put building limits on Bumfuzzlertopia for some time.

Deck Wood Foundation

However, a couple of you suggested they’d like to build a little bigger so because I’ve increased decay settings, I’ll disable this going into the next wipe.

Thanks for the feedback PAIN.

Building Grades

There was a timeout on Building Grade (/bgrade) settings.


I’ve since disabled the timer so /bgrade settings will remain until you change them.

I think this makes more sense and should be more convenient.

Box Sorting

A while back I disabled an extremely awesome box sorting feature on Bumfuzzlertopia.

Boxes in Warehouse

Unfortunately, I had to do it because it was throwing errors and I didn’t want it to lag the server.

Now it appears to be running smoothly so I’ll let it go and see how it runs.

Check it out when you open a box. It will give you the ability to set categories for boxes so you can easily dump specific items with the click of a button. It’s one of the most useful features and keeps your stuff in perfect order.

Thanks KungFoozball for reminding me to troubleshoot it.

Zombie Loot

It appears the loot changed due to a Rust patch a few weeks back and I didn’t notice.

Zombie Night

The loot was great, but a little too good if you ask me.

Plus it was missing many of the quest (/q) items so it technically broke quests as you couldn’t find those items anywhere else.

So now zombies will drop quest items, but also other Halloween items to make it more interesting and slightly more difficult to finish quests than just killing zombie after zombie.

Thanks to Evil Deeds for the feedback.


I tend to disagree with Facepunch’s Hostile times especially since a couple of players have been questionably killed by sentries.

Rust Outpost

On Bumfuzzlertopia, I’ve lowered the hostility time to 10 minutes from the default 30 minutes.

Hopefully, this will reduce the impact of those costly mistakes.

I’ll consider this change for Bumfuzzlernilla.

Thanks Tieger for the feedback.

Corpse Time

With the lowering of time for hostility, I figured I’d raise the time for corpses.

Rust Player Corpse

Now if you die, your corpse will hang around for 15 minutes. This is 5 minutes longer than hostility lasts for those not good at math 🙂

So if you do die from the outpost or bandit camp, you’ll be able to get to your stuff – unless someone else gets to it first.

I may extend this setting to Bumfuzzlernilla, but we’ll see. Trying to keep that default.

Thanks Tieger for the feedback.

Boss Updates

Bumfuzzlertopia’s Jason and Freddy needed a little love.

Freddy Krueger

I made a couple of changes to how they work.

  • Their corpses now despawn after 5 minutes instead of 1 minute so  you have more time to loot them
  • I’ve removed the pump shotgun from their arsenal because I notice they would fruitlessly fire it from a distance hitting nothing while players picked them off easily

I hope they’re now a little more challenging and it’s easier to get your hard-earned loot once you best them.

Thanks for the feedback Cannonfodder

Raidable Bases

I’ve been working out the kinks in the Raidable Bases, but it’s taking some time.

Rust Raid

Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • On Bumfuzzlertopia, raiding these bases will now result in being raid blocked just like regular player bases. This ensures players can no longer “test” to see whether the base is a player base or not.
  • I’ve added about 15 new bases to the mix on both servers.
  • I’ve upped the number of bases that spawn from 20 to 25 on Bumfuzzlertopia. Bumfuzzlernilla has 15.
  • The balance is now shifted towards harder bases with the makeup being:
    • Bumfuzzlertopia – easy: 6, medium: 6, hard: 13
    • Bumfuzzlernilla – easy: 3, medium: 5, hard: 7
  • I will likely turn off Raidable Bases for 1-2 days after wipes going forward.
  • I’ve lowered all resources by 1k on Bumfuzzlertopia. On Bumfuzzlernilla I’ve lowered resources a little more.
  • On Bumfuzzlernilla, I made the ranges more drastic for certain items with plans to do the same on Bumfuzzlertopia if it works well.
    • C4, Satchels, and Explosives were lowered, but also, it’s more random.
    • For example, C4 may have ranges of 0-10 which means sometimes they won’t spawn at all.
  • Loot like plant fiber and CCTV cameras will no longer spawn in the Tool Cupboard.

I was also alerted to a base with boxes on the top giving some free loot! I fixed that.

I’m continuing to balance this and add more bases to the mix as I have time. Feedback is surely appreciated.

Thanks Shloshed and CaramelApple for the feedback.


Before today, authorization was determined based on friends and clans, but this isn’t ideal.

Tool Cupboard

This is for a few reasons, but mostly because;

  1. This process was created before teams existed
  2. It allowed players to get around the team limits
  3. It’s not as user friendly as it could be

So, I’ve made some changes:

  1. Friends no longer control authorization. It’s now controlled by clans/teams.
  2. Friends no longer control protection from traps. It’s now controlled by clans/teams.
  3. Teams and Clans are now synchronized together, you can add/remove players from either teams or clans and they will stay in sync.

After a restart or a wipe, you may find that teammates in clans are not listed in teams. I believe once they sign in or wake up this should automatically resolve itself.

Sleeping Arrangements

Technically even though there’s a team limit players could add whoever they wanted to bags and beds to sometimes get around the rules.

Sleeping Bag

Now that will no longer be possible.

Going forward, you will not be able to give sleeping bags or beds to players who are not on your team.

This means that players without a team won’t be able to bag anyone. Hopefully that isn’t too confusing.

Server Migration

Tomorrow, between 4AM and 7AM EST, Bumfuzzlertopia will be migrating to a new server. Bumfuzzlernilla was migrated about a month and a half ago.

Messy Server Room

The new server should provide us with a boost in performance which will be really nice.

I’m expecting certainly faster restart times, wipe times, etc.

Please expect that the server may simply restart during this time without warning.

Super Skin Combos

A bit ago I made updates to Super Skin Combos on Bumfuzzlertopia, but I didn’t get a chance to update them on Bumfuzzlernilla.

Super Skin Combos

You can find the original post here to explain the feature – https://bumfuzzler.net/free-gift-skin-combos-weather/ for more information.

I’ve now implemented the same Super Skin Combos on Bumfuzzlernilla which means about 15 more Super Skin Combinations.

In addition, on both servers, I’ve added new messages that will tell you when you pick up an item that’s part of a Super Skin Combo. The messages will tell you:

  1. What item you’ve picked up
  2. What Super Skin Combo it’s a part of
  3. How many of the Super Skin Combo items you’ve found in that combo

Note that each item that is part of a Super Skin Combo will start with the same word. For instance, the Game Time Super Skin Combo is made up of Game Ten (Shorts), Game Over (Cap), and Game Schema (Gloves). Putting them together will give you 25% more health and radiation resistence.

I hope you find them! Enjoy!

Raid Block

As I mentioned earlier, Raidable bases will now be raid blocked like normal player bases are.

C4 Explosive Suit

I’ve also expanded the number of commands which are blocked when you are raid blocked.

The following commands are blocked:

  • /vclaim – allows you to claim ownership over items like minicopters and vehicles
  • /horse – allows you to spawn a horse
  • /whistle – allows you to call your horse
  • /myhorses – allows you to see a list of horses

These commands come from the Car Genius and Frequent Flier packages you can purchase in the online store.

Check out the online store and support the server!

Info Screen

We’ve had a menu for some time on both servers, but most players don’t even know it existed cause it doesn’t pop up on join like it was meant to.

Microphone Speaker

For that fact, I switched to a new method which will pop up the menu when you join the server. This way players will understand the various features and functionality of the server. but also see announcements if I choose to show them.

After you close it, you can click the “i” icon in the upper right to bring it up at any time.

I’ll be implementing the same type of menu on Bumfuzzlernilla soon.

Loyalty Points

All purchases in the store are instantaneous, but Loyalty (/loyalty) points always had a bit of a delay.


I’ve fixed that now so when you buy Loyalty points they should automatically be given to you.

For those of you unfamiliar, as you play, you gain 1 Loyalty (/loyalty) point per minute of game time and that game time unlocks levels up to 30 where each level gives you up to 5 different new abilities. They’re my way of rewarding players who play on the server regularly. Thanks for your support!

You can get a full listing for Bumfuzzlertopia perks here. Bumfuzzlertopia doesn’t unlock as many items due to having less plugins. You can find the Bumfuzzlernilla listing here.

These points will stay with you forever so once you earn them, they are yours for life.

Go check out purchasing Loyalty points in the store! You’ll get them right away now that it’s fixed!


There’s a wipe coming today!

Bathroom Stalls

Today, 1/21, Bumfuzzlertopia will wipe the map, but blueprints and economy will stay. The wipe will take place between 2PM and 4PM EST. I’ll mention in Discord when it’s happening.

Bumfuzzlernilla will be wiping the map only on Saturday 1/23 sometime between 7AM and 9AM EST.

And remember, Bumfuzzlertopia is being migrated to a new box between 4AM and 7AM EST.

As always thank you all for your Bumfuzzler support. I truly appreciate all the feedback and help you all continue to provide. It really helps me out and it makes managing the servers so much easier. Thanks!

Here’s some videos to catch you up on Rust happenings.