Hey Bumfuzzlers! Big updates for ya! We’ve got quarry loot and trading adjustments, an Earl comeback, an improved wounded SuperHeli event, a Valentine’s Day treat, player duel feature expansion, additional layers of security, stack and loot changes, some nerfs and bumps, various fixes, next week’s wipe and more! Read on for more info!


Quarry Loot

At level 12 (/loyalty) your quarries will give you more than resources. You’ll get loot as well.

I’ve added a couple of other items into that possible loot. At the same time, I’ve also tweaked the chance of that loot a little.

I didn’t test this heavily so I’ll need your feedback to refine the settings.

Thanks to talzin for the feedback.

The Heart House

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! How sweet!

This one’s going to test your metal with a boss slugfest that I’m not sure you’re up for!

I won’t say much more because I like surprises, but let’s just say you have to win over the hearts of your adversaries 🙂 by cutting them out.


The recent trading interface update was a huge success interface-wise, but some slight tweaking was needed.

  • I modified the Trade message to let players know to type /trade accept. Thanks Myerr for the feedback.
  • I lowered the trading cooldown to 30 seconds. It was way too high.

If anything else comes up let me know.

Brother Earl

He’s been down and out for far too long. Not having Earl around gave us all an empty spot in our hearts 🙁

It took me a bit of time, but he’s finally back – hopefully with a new life and extended functionality.

It will certainly take me some time to tweak him, but now he should be more dynamic. The previous version only allowed him to respond with one message, but now he can have multiple responses so hopefully, it won’t get boring hearing him repeat himself. Obviously, for informative responses he’ll be somewhat repetitive.

Earl’s goal is to help players understand how to play on the server. With so many plugins it’s hard to remember all the commands or know what features exist. Hopefully, he continues to fulfill that goal. I do realize mistakes in configuration or assumptions about how players will react to him may cause him to respond too much, reply with the wrong answer or sometimes seemingly reply for no reason at all. I’ll be tweaking him as he goes.

He’s become an integral part of the server’s personality and I appreciate your patience in making him that way. I’ll get around to set him up on Bumfuzzlernilla once I work out the kinks.

Wounded SuperHeli

I’ve given him an initial makeover that will hopefully be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Here’s some of the new functionality:

  • SuperHeli crash event will happen 10% of the time a SuperHeli spawns
  • Only happens with a minimum of three players online
  • The pilot will eject randomly (I believe this means at any time prior to the crash)
  • The pilot’s parachute will cause him to drift due to wind
  • The pilot’s loot will be randomly generated (hopefully better than before)
  • Two loot boxes will drop with similar loot to SuperHeli (slightly less)
  • Two NPCs will spawn at the crash site
  • There is a chance NPCs will be wounded and a chance they’ll recover
  • NPC loot will be randomly generated (hopefully better than before)

This should make the event more fun and randomized so it’s a little hard to know what to expect.

This one needs more testing so any feedback is appreciated.

Menu Buttons

There was an issue with certain buttons on the /ui menu – specifically when clicking on the kit buttons.

When clicking the button, instead of giving you the kit, it would simply type ‘0’ in chat.

You’d probably notice me from time to time typing ‘0’ in chat. This was due to the same issue. I use the /ui menu for a bunch of quick admin commands.

This should now be fixed.

Thanks to Tatra813 for the feedback.

To the Death

It’s a blast to go one on one for fun without losing any of your hard-earned stash so I extended the functionality a little.

Here’s what I changed:

  • I added building materials to the dueling kits
  • I enabled betting
  • I enabled Team Deathmatch which I think enables up to 5 v 5 duels? It’s at least 2 vs 2
  • Winners are now rewarded by $50 in in-game currency

In order to duel, you’ll need to turn dueling on using the /duel command. Once on, you can add yourself to a queue or challenge players directly.

Nerf and Bump

I’ve been watching the Fireworks, Meteor Showers and store purchases and they need a little adjustment.

Here’s what I’ve changed:

  • The Meteor Shower is slightly nerfed, but should still be very lucrative
  • I slightly bumped the resources dropped by Fireworks and included metal ore
  • In the store (/s) I raised the price to call the SuperHeli from 5oo to 750
  • In the store (/s) I raised the price to call the Meteor Shower from 500 to 750
  • In the store (/s) I raised the price to call the CH47 from 250 to 500
  • Charcoal production reduced by 0.5%
  • Zlevel gather rate multiplies lowered slightly

I’m hoping these changes will ensure more balance.

P.S. Yes I’ll be updating the firework display event to use the new features Rust has as soon as I can! 🙂

Warp Package

The Warp package is a great way to support the server and get a couple more teleports.

You get a lot, but maybe a bit too much so I’m going to tweak the package a little and remove the /grt command which allows you to teleport to any grid.

Still you get all this:

  • Set up to 8 (+5) homes locations!
  • Wait only 30 seconds between teleports!
  • Wait only 3 seconds for teleport countdown!
  • Use ‘/tpb’ to teleport back to your previous location immediately

It’s a great value and a super way to support the server! Head over to the store and pick it up.

New Item Stacks

With the latest update, there’s a bunch of items to adjust stacking for.

I’ve changed the following items to stack to 256.

  • Fireworks
  • Rat mask
  • New Year’s Gong

Loot Changes

There are a bunch of new items from the last update, plus a few from previous patches. I’ve added them to the loot.

The following items were added to the loot:

  • Canbourine
  • Cowbell
  • Fireworks
  • Jerry Can Guitar
  • Junkyard Drum Kit
  • New Year’s Gong
  • Pan Flute
  • Plumber’s Trumpet
  • Rat mask
  • Shovel Bass
  • Sousaphone
  • Toolgun
  • Wheelbarrow Piano
  • Xylobones

Thanks for the reminder Evil Deeds

Now, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep these items on the list. Facepunch has yet to make a decision if they’ll allow modded servers to have these items in their loot or not. So technically, even if they’re DLC material, we can have them for now. This may change in the future. Enjoy them while you can!

Cupboard Clearing

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a nasty issue floating about.

Without warning or seemingly reason, your TC may be cleared of authorization for everyone. Yeah, I know. Bummer right? It’s happened 2 or 3 times so it’s not widespread, but it’s not cool.

I’ve narrowed it down and made a modification, but it appears it was reported again.

In the last report, the player told me they had just placed a new TC before it happened. Please pay attention to what you do just before this happens. Making any changes to TCs, Clans, Friends or /authauth is critical for me to know in order to track this down.

Thanks to Link, talzin and Somebody for the feedback.

Both Servers

Security Guards

I’m putting in place additional security tools, but I also want to let people know some of the things I do to prevent hacking on the servers.

Here are a few of the changes I’ve made over the last two wipes:

  • Players joining using Proxy or VPN will be kicked. Sorry, you can’t hide
  • Players joining with VAC / Game bans within 120 days will be kicked
  • Players joining who have 2 or more VAC / Game bans will be banned from the server automatically
  • Added more advanced detection and notification of Aimbots. Automatic testing for:
    • Angle between shots
    • State of the player (standing/running)
    • Attachments
    • Distance between shots intersection
  • Setup more advanced detection and notification of recoil scripts.
  • Setup more advanced detection and notification of in rock hacks
  • Implemented a new ESP prevention system to make wallhacking (seriously) impossible
  • Improved alerts about raids to give me more information

These methods, in addition to what I was already doing, and especially the last improvement regarding ESP, should make both servers very secure and provide high confidence of hack-free gaming.

With that said, please do me a favor. There are times you may be so sure someone must be hacking.

  1. Please have reasonable proof and not just hunches when you make accusations.
  2. Come to me with the information instead of spewing it on the server without true knowledge.


  • You’re likely wrong. Most people are wrong about this.
  • If they are a hacker, you’re alerting them and they’ll be harder to catch.
  • Other players may believe hackers run free on the server.

With that said, if I look into it and I don’t find anything, don’t be a jerk about it and act as you know better. You do not have the tools or information I do. If I say they aren’t hacking, they’re very likely not.

Thanks Myerr, talzin and PerkyxXxTurtle for the feedback

Wipe Comes

On Thursday, February 6th, both servers will be wiped – and hooray, it all starts again!

As is customary, maps and blueprints will wipe on both servers and the economy will wipe on Bumfuzzlertopia. It appears this next patch we may see more consistent roads with a round connected road around the entire map instead of the weird series of dead ends we have now and maybe even a turret update…which IMO is truly awesome.


Thanks to all you Bumfuzzlers for the feedback once again and please keep it coming.