Hey Bumfuzzlers! Big one today, lost of stuff! We’ve got Super keycards, window shutter locks, some zombie nerfs, grief rule changes, a more powerful electric package, a new horse package for you equestrians, Rust IO map restrictions, in-game store cooldowns, a SuperHeli nerf, a fix for loot despawners, a bunch of other tweaks, and a whole lot more! Read on for all the information!

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I wish all of you, your friends, and your family to be safe and well. It’s going to be a challenging time over the next month or two (or maybe more) regarding health and finances for some of us. While it’s hard to know who of us will be affected, I hope playing Rust on the servers will allow you to unplug and forget about things for a while.

Please do the right thing out there when you can. Help out your fellow man get through all of this and be a force for good during this difficult time for anyone you can. In other words, be a Bumfuzzler 🙂 Stay well everyone.

Auto-Sorting Boxes

The options you see near your health bars at the bottom right when you open a container are an amazing feature that just got better.

Boxes in Warehouse

You can select categories for any box such as ‘weapons’ and then next time you go into that box, click the ‘this’ button and it will take weapons out of your inventory and place it in the box automatically. You can transfer items into boxes with a single click instead of clicking each stack or item.

They just got a little bit better with the following options:

  • Pagination was added to the category selection
  • New Fun category was added to the category selection

I urge you to give this one a try if you haven’t already. It’s an amazing time-saver.

Challenges Ahead

There were a couple of issues with player challenges having to do with distance kills.

Challenges Sign

Originally, you could top the leaderboards for distance kills by tossing grenades and teleporting across the map. That was fixed, but a new situation was found where landmines and beartraps also counted.

Now the challenges were changed so that distance kills will only work for kills where the weapon is held in a player’s hands.

Also, beancan grenades are no longer counted for explosives thrown. This is unfortunate since it is an explosive, but due to the cost, some players may sit there throwing beancans all day to get the kits.

Website Improvements

Recently I was able to find some time to get back to the website redesign.

New Website Design

Obviously, the intention is to make it look nicer, explain the benefits of the servers better, optimize SEO so people can find the page in searches, and also display a quote or two by some of you awesome Bumfuzzlers. As time has been hard to come by it slipped away, but I got a bit done as you can see.

I’ve added some new sharing buttons at the tops and bottoms of posts. If you want to draw players to the server, spread the word!

I did a bunch of technical work on the backend and hope to provide a lot more content in the future, especially regarding plugins and features the server has to offer. This way you’ll know how you can leverage all the abilities you have at your disposal.

Take a look around the page and let me know what you think! https://www.bumfuzzler.net

Horse Lovers Everywhere

When I play, I like to go old school simple with a beautiful horse and a trusty bow and arrow. I created a package for those who feel the same.

Rust player riding horse

I’ve added a new package to the store called Gallop King for Bumfuzzlertopia players which gives you the ability to spawn a horse and automatically deck it out with armor, saddlebags, and horseshoes so you can immediately trot yourself around. You even get food for your new best friend!

Here’s everything you get:

  • 1 High-Quality Horse Shoes
  • 2 Saddlebags
  • 1 Roadsign Horse Armor
  • 1 Hitch & Trough
  • 25 corn
  • Spawn your own horse (/horse)

Perfect for the start of a wipe. Your support is appreciated!

With the new changes coming in Rust regarding composting, your horse will also be a source of fertilizer! 🙂

Window Shutter Locks

Isn’t it annoying that you really want to give yourself a window, but people can just open your shutters and look in?

Window Shutter Lock

Those days are over!

Now starting at Freeman (Level 13 /Loyalty) you’ll be able to place Key Locks and Code Locks on your window shutters to keep those pesky thieves from eyeing your goodies. All this and the ability to stare out at the view from time to time too!

Dreaming Electricity

The Electrical Dream package was updated to include more goodies for you circuit-minded players!

Rust player hiding in solar panels

Now, on Bumfuzzlertopia, the Electrical Dream package comes with a whopping 2 separate kits full of electrical components and some pretty nifty electrical perks.

Here’s what you get with it:

Electrical Component Kit 1

  • 4 audio alarms
  • 4 AND switches
  • 256 feet of wire tool
  • 1 wind turbine
  • 4 rand switches
  • 4 large solar panels
  • 4 blockers
  • 4 xor switches
  • 4 timers
  • 4 switches
  • 4 splitters
  • 4 or switches
  • 2 auto-turrets
  • 4 electrical branches
  • 1 test generator
  • 4 memory cells
  • 4 pressure pads
  • 4 root combiners
  • 4 hbhf sensors

Electrical Component Kit 2

  • 1 computer station
  • 4 tesla coils
  • 4 large rechargeable batteries
  • 4 medium rechargeable batteries
  • 1 rf pager
  • 4 counters
  • 4 siren lights
  • 20 simple lights
  • 4 laser detectors
  • 10 igniters
  • 100 feet of deluxe Christmas lights
  • 4 small rechargeable batteries
  • 20 ceiling lights
  • 4 cctv cameras
  • 4 rf receivers
  • 2 small generators
  • 256 feet of wire tool
  • 4 door controllers
  • 4 flasher lights
  • 4 rf broadcasters


  • Tesla Coils no longer take damage when used (I originally made this for Level 16 (/loyalty) and up, but I’ve removed it from players without this package)
  • Igniters no longer take damage when used

You certainly can create something extraordinary with all of that and you can support the server at the same time! You can find the Electrical Dream package in the online store.

Despawning Loot

Someone asked me if despawning loot was against rule #3 “don’t be jerkish”.

Rust player standing near loot treasure

How can I disagree? It’s a really jerkish thing to do, but I will admit, it’s not always easy to enforce.

So in order to lessen the effects of this, I’ve implemented new settings surrounding loot despawning times.

  • If loot is tossed on the ground within the sphere of a tool cupboard, it will despawn 2.5x slower than usual.
  • If loot is tossed on the ground outside the sphere of a tool cupboard, it will despawn 50% faster. I did this to offset the potential high entity count.

These changes on Bumfuzzlertopia will hopefully, in conjunction with !raidalert, give players enough time to get on and save some of their loot if they’re raided. If it’s not enough, I can always increase it. I haven’t tested exactly how long it will stick around.

Mortality is Mortal

The options for the Rust IO map have been the same for years, but they’ve been changed as of last week.

Rust player standing next to a globe

After some thought, and some discussion, I realize I’m not a fan of seeing deaths, spawns or mortality in the Rust IO map. Why should any player have knowledge about where deaths occur unless they see it with their own eyes? That seems like way too much power and it goes against what I believe the nature of Rust is. It’s basically a global positioning satellite feature when you think about it.

I’ve disabled the ability to see these indicators on both Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla.

Thanks for the feedback Chaos & MenacE

Griefing Bases

A few weeks I posted about griefing in an effort see what you thought about it and it appears that I was correct in that there are a lot of opinions.

Rust Raid

Here are the results:

  • :regional_indicator_a: (6.67%) A raided base, TC destroyed, left to decay
  • :regional_indicator_b: (10%) A raided base, TC destroyed, recreated, raider uses as their own
  • :regional_indicator_c: (16.67%) A raided base, TC destroyed, recreated and hidden to prevent the use
  • :regional_indicator_d: (26.67%) A raided base, TC destroyed, walls built, and doors replaced to prevent the use
  • :regional_indicator_e: (33.33%) Preventing griefing is stupid, it’s part of the game
  • :regional_indicator_f: (6.67%) None of the above

To me this makes a few major statements:

  1. No one agrees on what griefing is. There are 5 groups here that disagree and one that thinks it’s wrong to ban whatever it is lol
  2. The majority of you clearly think griefing, whatever it is, is part of the game.
  3. I don’t know myself how to define griefing so I also can’t create a rule against it or enforce it.

With that said, I’m going to remove griefing from the rules.

Buying Killing of Flying

I’ve given some thought to purchasing the killing of CH47 and SuperHeli through the in-game store.

SuperHeli Helicopter flying in flames

I realize people were using it to get easy High-Quality Metal and also to mess with other people who spent their hard-earned Bumfuzzler bucks to buy them. The Bumfuzzlertopia in-game store no longer allows the killing of the CH47 or SuperHeli.

SuperHeli Nerf

Rumor has it you’re all really soft lol

Rust SuperHeli Helicopter

Ok, fine wussies I nerfed the SuperHeli on Bumfuzzlertopia by 20% 🙂 I’ll continue to adjust him up or down based on what I see.

Purple Super Keycards

Sometimes it’s challenging to find the green, blue and red keycards so you can get to the loot. Now it’s easier with the Super Keycard.

Purple Super Keycard and Keylock

Don’t celebrate just yet. You’ll have to defeat Bumfuzzlertopia’s Jason Vorhees to get it. Mmm, yeah. Jason.

Once you get the purple Super Keycard, you can use it in place of the red, blue or green keycard at any of the monument puzzles.

In-Game Store Mixups

A while back I changed SuperSkin Rocket Launchers from 2x and 1.5x to 1.25x damage since they were OP.

Rust player standing in front of a store

Unfortunately, for the sale of items on Bumfuzzlertopia, I must have missed making them all sell for the same amount of Reward Points (RP). Now that should be resolved. If you sell one of the special launchers, you’ll get the same amount of RP for it and it should list items as 1.25x and not 1.5x or 2x.

Thanks to CannonFodder and PerkyxXxTurtle for the feedback.

Zombies are Real People

There have been lots of changes to the Zombie plugin recently so I’m in the process of balancing them again.

Rust player hiding from a zombie

The zombies seem to act much differently now so the settings used before aren’t going to apply. I’ve toned them down for now and will work on balancing them up.

Here’s what’s different:

  • A single headshot will take down a zombie now
  • Health is now varied but low (under 50)
  • They spawn as single zombies now, but will still merge into groups if they meet
  • Speed is now varied, but most are very slow

I’ll be working on this over time, but I’d really like to make zombies more dynamic. Maybe certain zombies will have a higher speed than others or higher health. I’ll give it some thought.

Teleporting About

I came across a few inconsistencies so I made some changes to the way teleports are setup.

Teleporting Rust player

Here’s a couple of things that changed:

  • For Blood (Level 30 /loyalty), the teleport (/tp) cooldown was reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds
  • The proper teleport (/tp) settings are now being rewarded to National  (Level 11 /loyalty)
  • VIP (Level 25 /loyalty) teleport (/tp) countdown was set to 3 but should have been 5. That’s fixed.
  • The Warp Master Package, which you can purchase in the store to support the server, had a teleport (/tp) cooldown of 300 seconds. This was meant to be 30 seconds

Thanks PerkyxXxTurtle for the feedback.

Hopefully, that allows you to get around better 🙂

In-Game Store

It came to my attention that there was a bit of spamming going on with in-game store command purchases.

Rust player standing in a store

It appears to be annoying a few players that night was being purchased over and over.

Now all commands for the in-game store on Bumfuzzlertopia have a 2-hour cooldown.

I think this will be fair. This way players can’t force night or day too much when the majority want it day or night. At the same time, day and night can be purchased.

Server Respect

I understand Rust is a no holds barred freak match where mostly anything goes, but there are lines that need to be observed.

Soldier Saluting the Flag

I won’t tolerate disrespect towards myself, other admins if we had them (lol) or the server. When things go beyond trash talk and typical Rust play, I won’t tolerate disrespect towards players either.

Disrespect can be considered the following, but it’s not limited to these:

  • Bashing an admin in Discord or in-game to other players
  • Bashing the server in Discord or in-game to other players
  • Addressing an admin in a way that is discourteous, impolite or rude

The rules state clearly “Don’t trash server or admins, feedback is appreciated”. This means I am always open to listen to players, talk with them, and consider situations or issues, suggestions or anything else you have to say. If you’re going to paint me in a bad light, or publicly try to make me or the server look bad, you no longer have the luxury of enjoying the servers.

Honestly, I don’t want to ban anyone. Remember you’re human and be kind to one another even if you are pillaging a base and stealing people’s stuff.

Future FacePunch Plans

Lately, there’s been a bunch of news from FacePunch that Rust will be receiving some interesting changes.

We’re going to likely see these changes on April 2nd when FacePunch releases their next patch and we wipe next which will be April 2nd. I’m interested to see the triangle improvements, but the poop? As Cannonfodder so astutely pointed out, it could change raider behavior. Unless they raid his fruit stand, they’ll have to make some food.

As always thank you for your continued Bumfuzzler support and for making Bumfuzzlertopia and Bumfuzzlernilla your favorite Rust gaming servers!